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Get started with MetaMask, the leading web3 wallet

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The world’s leading
web3 wallet

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MetaMask is the leading self-custodial wallet for over 100 million users annually. MetaMask is everything you need to manage your identity, digital assets and to explore web3. Available as a browser extension and mobile app.

MetaMask Users

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MetaMask Portfolio

Track and manage your web3 assets from multiple accounts in one place, and access a range of curated services including Buy, Swap, Stake, and Bridge.

MetaMask Learn

MetaMask Learn is an educational and interactive platform designed to immerse you in the world of web3— what it is, why it matters, and how to get started. Try out web3 simulations, learn core concepts through engaging lessons and feel more confident navigating the decentralized web.

MetaMask Institutional

An institution-compliant version of MetaMask providing unrivaled web3 access for funds, web3 builders, and all organizations globally.


Get started with our suite of industry-leading development tools

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MetaMask for Developers

Integrate and extend the functionality of the world's leading web3 wallet.

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MetaMask is the wallet of choice for millions of MetaMask Wallet users. Start building today with MetaMask developer tools: connect your app to MetaMask with our SDK, test new features in Flask, and start building extensions of MetaMask core functionality with Snaps.

MetaMask Users

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MetaMask SDK (Beta)

Connect your app to millions of MetaMask users with MetaMask SDK, simply and securely.

MetaMask Snaps

Extend the functionality of MetaMask with MetaMask Snaps. Create a snap that adds new API methods, customizes the user experience, adds support for different blockchain protocols, or modifies existing functionality.

MetaMask Flask

Access cutting-edge innovation and features with this experimental playground for developers, where new or proposed features can be rolled out and tested before deploying them to the broader public.

Infrastructure and Tooling

The world's most powerful suite of high availability blockchain APIs and developer tools

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The most powerful web3 API and suite of developer tools to build and scale

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Infura is the original platform for web3 development, giving developers access to a robust, reliable, and integrated set of tools to easily build and scale their decentralized applications.

Infura fuels the heart of Web3, powering over 2 trillion requests per year with 99.9% uptime, and gives developers quick and reliable access to a range of L1 and L2 networks.

Requests Served Per Year

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Number of Developers

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Infura is Easy to Use

Spin up an Infura endpoint in seconds from the dashboard. Easily extend your app's functionality calling our APIs. Our auto-scaling service ensures efficient performance when usage spikes.

Infura is Trusted by the Best

400,000+ developers trust Infura to power their web3 applications. As the first node-as-a-service product, Infura has fueled the growth of our industry, serving over 7 billion requests per day.

Build the Interoperable Future

Infura offers access to 14 popular networks with 99.9%+ uptime. Tap the power of network effects for your product by building the multi-chain future.

Developer Tools

Powerful, industry-standard developer tooling to support any stage of production.

Infrastructure and Ecosystem

Building a strong and diverse Web3 network with our protocol and products.



A developer-ready zkEVM rollup L2 network to scale Ethereum

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Linea is an EVM equivalent zkEVM rollup offering fast finality, high throughput, low gas fees and the security of Ethereum settlement. Projects across web3 are building with Linea to unlock new capabilities without compromising the security and developer experience of L1 Ethereum.

Cheaper vs L1 Ethereum

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Unique Wallets (And Counting)

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EVM Equivalent

Unrivaled scalability using the apps, tooling and infra you already know. Connect instantly, deploy bytecode as-is and deploy apps just as you would on Ethereum.

Developer Ready

Out-of-the-box integration with MetaMask, Infura and web3's most popular tools, frameworks and applications enables builders to focus on their dapps.

Trusted Innovation

Built on years of research by Consensys R+D, our innovative lattice-based prover offers leading performance in proof generation and low transaction fees.


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