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Inspire and empower the builder in everyone

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The drive to build is in all of us; the determination to make things better. For ourselves, our communities, our future generations.

Whether through art, activism, development, or forging a unique path forward, we strive to create opportunities for greater economic freedom and ownership.

At Consensys, we believe that everyone should have access to tools that harness the power of web3, so we can collectively build the world we all want to see.

You’re a builder. We all are. And together we’re an unstoppable force.

Consensys is the leading blockchain and web3 software company. Since 2014, Consensys has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering technological developments within the web3 ecosystem. Through our product suite, including the MetaMask platform, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and our NFT platform, we have become a trusted collaborator for users, creators, and developers. Whether building a dapp, an NFT collection, a portfolio, or a better future, the instinct to build is universal. Our mission is to inspire and empower the builder in everyone by making web3 universally easy to use and develop on. Let’s build the world we want to see.

About Consensys

Who we are

An idea that will fundamentally change every industry and force the evolution of our existing political, economic, and social systems.

Consensys was founded based on one such idea. Our vision is to transform the world’s digital architecture into a more open, inclusive, and secure internet of value and ownership: Web3.

Every once in a while, an idea is born with the potential to change the course of history.

Joseph Lubin is a co-founder of Ethereum and the founder and CEO of Consensys. Born and raised in Toronto, Lubin graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. As a software and AI consultant, Lubin worked with eMagine on the Identrus project and was involved in the founding and operation of a hedge fund with a partner. He held positions as Director of the New York office of Blacksmith Software Consulting, and VP of Technology in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs. Through these posts, Joe focused on the intersection of cryptography, engineering, and finance.

In 2014 he met Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian programmer, writer and Founder of Ethereum and joined the Ethereum Project as a co-founder. After the Project was launched, Joe established Consensys. Since 2014 Joe and the Consensys team have been working on the foundational software for web3.

Our founder

Meet Joe Lubin

01 — How it started

Getting to the genesis block

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Getting to the genesis block

01 — How it started

Getting to the genesis block

It started with an idea. Vitalik presented his vision for executable smart contracts at the Bitcoin Miami conference in 2014. Joseph Lubin, Consensys’ founder, flew down to Miami to begin preparing for what would be the launch of largest smart contract blockchain: Ethereum. Even before the first block was confirmed on Ethereum, Consensys, alongside different developer teams around the world, helped contribute to what would become the Ethereum protocol.

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Timeline 01 — How it started

November 2013

Block 0: Vitalik Buterin publishes the Ethereum White Paper, attracting the attention of technologists around the world

January 2014

Block 0: Vitalik Buterin formally announces Ethereum at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami

November 2014

Block 0: Consensus Systems (Consensys) is founded by Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of the Ethereum project

July 2015

Block 1: The Ethereum Genesis block is generated and loaded for Frontier, the first live release of Ethereum

02 — The launch

Middleware layers for developers to bootstrap the network 

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Middleware layers for developers to bootstrap the network 

02 — The launch

Middleware layers for developers to bootstrap the network 

Between 2016 and 2019, the first group of projects within Consensys launched to market. MetaMask became one of the first wallets available for interacting with the Ethereum network, whether to send ETH and other tokens to friends or connect your wallet to a dapp. Infura created an Ethereum API so other web3 developers could bootstrap applications without having to take on the burden of running their own node infrastructure. 

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Timeline 02 — The launch

July 2016

Kumavis and Dan Finlay launch MetaMask as a browser extension

November 2016

Infura launches, enabling developers to bootstrap their Web3 applications, without the burden of having to run their own infrastructure.

February 2017

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) launches with founding board members Consensys, J. P. Morgan, BNY-Mellon, Microsoft, Intel, CME Group, and more

June 2017

Consensys Diligence launches its mission to raise the bar for security and ethics best practices for the Ethereum ecosystem

June 2019

Truffle has 103,483 monthly downloads

August 2019

Ethereum Java client PegaSys Pantheon rebrands to Hyperledger Besu, and becomes the first public blockchain in the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project

03 — Integrated software company

Beginnings of mainstream adoption

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Beginnings of mainstream adoption

03 — Integrated software company

Beginnings of mainstream adoption

By 2020, Consensys restructured to become an integrated software company to support both developers in building novel web3 applications, and end-users to interact with them. By supporting protocol development, both on Ethereum and other Ethereum-compatible blockchains, Consensys played a critical role in fostering the first major wave of adoption in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

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Timeline 03 — Integrated software company

September 2020

MetaMask Mobile Launches on iOS and Android

June 2021

2.91 million unique addresses have used at least one DeFi protocol

February 2021

USD stablecoin market grows to more than $25 billion

August 2021

NFTs 10x in popularity with record $3.25 billion in NFT sales volume

February 2022

Consensys acquires MyCrypto

March 2022

Consensys Raises $450M Series D Funding

September 2022

Ethereum successfully completes “the Merge” to Proof of Stake, eliminating 99.99% of of its carbon footprint overnight

Our People

We're a global team with a shared vision.

Michael Camarda

Investing in web3 companies and witnessing dynamic innovation firsthand

Michael Camarda

Director of Corporate Development

Saskia Starck

I'll never forget organising our company retreat with 700 people in Italy.

Saskia Starck

Program Manager

Emily Lin

Consensys is CRAZY - in a great way. Never boring, so I'm always learning.

Emily Lin

Developer Relations

4-Jenni Nguyen.jpg

Working at Consensys, I have the space to learn and grow with amazing coworkers.

Jenni Nguyen

Senior Business Project Manager

Oliver Renwick

I get to know about cool new MetaMask features as they’re getting developed

Oliver Renwick

Senior Technical Writer

Cam O'Donnell

Amplifying community voices in the DAO decision-making process

Cam O'Donnell

DAO Governance Strategist

Faith Love

Catalyzing creativity, cultivating creator networks - the essence of my role.

Faith Love

Community Manager

The Future

We support the long term health of this ecosystem.



Whether it's through helping the transition to Ethereum proof-of-stake or our support for environmental initiatives, we're promoting sustainable practices globally.



A balanced regulatory framework is critical to the long-term success of our industry and is one that promotes innovation, protects users, and ensures the integrity of the financial system.

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