Article Empowering Communities Through Education: Mika’s Story

Empowering Communities Through Education: Mika’s Story

Mika Black’s unconventional journey into web3 led her to simplify her newfound knowledge and share it with her community. She founded Anuu Way to empower the masses through web3 education and DeFi tools

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June 27, 2023


Simran Jagdev & Sharmeen Shehabuddin

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Mika Black's journey into web3 was unconventional: she could see the power this technology could bring to her community, yet she had very little technical expertise. She was excited about the ability of web3 to form meaningful communities, and she did not want to be left behind.

“Non-tech folks are equally vital to web3's ecosystem as its creators,” Mika asserts, “We aren’t just consumers but an essential part of the equation. We live in these communities, we are the reason why they build, and our inputs help shape the space.” 

Her lack of technical knowledge did not deter Mika from finding her niche in web3. Balancing her life as a mother of three, a realtor, and a steadfast learner, Mika mastered web3 intricacies through myriad classes, community engagements, and countless trials and errors.

What began as a personal journey of learning soon turned into a mission to simplify her newfound knowledge and share it with her community. This vision led to Anuu Way, a non-profit endeavor launched in October 2021 to empower the masses through web3 education and decentralized finance (DeFi) tools. To carve a clear path in the tangled web3 jungle, she began by decoding complex technical jargon into digestible knowledge for the uninitiated. “This allowed me to “lower the on-ramp” for those who may have not known about web3, but can now benefit from what they learn,” she explains.

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While she is now dedicated to educating communities about web3 and its exciting potential, her passion for education began when she was in college, way before web3 even existed. 

"In college, it felt like I was climbing a mountain where the peak was always shrouded in fog. Yet, every step led me closer, and finally, the summit was in sight," reflects Mika Black. 

Her public high school, like many in the US, did not offer the technological know-how that has become necessary to adapt to the changes that rapid innovation has been introducing in our world. However, she did not let the shortcomings of the education system hinder her ability to learn. She spent time outside of her classes in college to learn everything that she could about computers and technology. 

Encountering blockchain and web3 brought back that feeling of inadequacy that she felt in college. She turned this feeling into an opportunity to learn everything she could about web3. 

“Many in my community were having the same feeling that I felt around crypto and web3. You see companies and institutions marketing web3 and all its benefits, but keeping the barrier of entry so high. That really pushed me down the web3 rabbit hole.”

Her journey as a web3 trailblazer started at a grassroots level in Atlanta's Summerhill neighborhood. It was here, in a local library, she initiated classes on blockchain basics, which quickly mushroomed across Atlanta, helping to onboard communities into DeFi and to encourage mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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Mika's attraction to web3 also stemmed from its power to unite people around shared passions. "I witnessed web3 bring diverse individuals together, empower them to instigate change, and provide solutions to real-world problems, far removed from the web2 world," she remembers.

Today, Anuu Way is a burgeoning force. In the works are partnerships with a web3 platform for crypto donations and plans to expand its educational offerings beyond web3. However, web3 remains the bedrock of Anuu Way. Mika envisions blockchain permeating every aspect of her work, emphasizing, "We are the connective tissue to web3, our courses energize individuals, showing them how to thrive in a blockchain-driven world."

Through her tireless work, Mika Black underlines the pivotal role of web3 educators like herself. They are the bridge builders, the translators of complex ideas, and the essential catalysts in the web3 evolution. By educating, they empower, and by empowering, they build. In the grand scheme of web3, educators truly are some of the most vital builders.