Article (Re)Introducing the Consensys Brand

(Re)Introducing the Consensys Brand

Consensys is launching a new brand reflective of our commitment to inspiring and empowering the builder in everyone, and with a central message that challenges people to shift control through the power of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

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June 27, 2023


Nick Nelson, Creative Director, Consensys

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Today, Consensys is launching a new brand reflective of our commitment to inspiring and empowering the builder in everyone, and with a central message that challenges people to shift control through the power of blockchain and decentralized technologies. The paradigm shift to web3 represents a shift from private corporate data silos to open public networks, offering access to public, global, shared spaces. 

Shift Control Img - Nick Blog

This will provide new tools and powers for individuals globally to build, manage assets and identity, communicate, and organize socially, with new opportunities for individuals to assert themselves as more than users, but as builders of the next generation of the internet. This shift will lead to a more accountable and interconnected business landscape, where shared value creation and community building becomes crucial for brand success.

Change the game img consensys brand evolution

The Consensys Brand

Consensys has evolved with this fast-changing industry, moving from its origin as a blockchain startup incubator, to the unified software company it is today. This is the first time Consensys has sought to redevelop its own brand from the ground up, with intentionality, and with mainstream adoption of web3 on the horizon. We partnered with Wolff Olins with the goal of crafting a web3 brand, grounded in the ethos of decentralization, that contemplates new interactions between communities, brands, and individuals. The builder is the heart of this, and we developed a system that is adaptable, so that people can use it to help construct elements of our identity with us. Our new system features a generative core which offers individual adaptability, and makes use of perceptual double-reads, inviting shifts in perspective. This is demonstrated by our new logo:

The Consensys Brand logo - Brand Evolution
The Consensys Brand logo 2D & 3D transition - Brand Evolution

The Consensys logomark presents initially as a two-dimensional graphical letter "c". With a shift in perspective by the viewer, the shape is reinterpreted as a block emerging in 3D, extending up and out into space. This perceptual transition is a symbolic act of building taking place in the mind of the viewer. The shape itself represents the ascension of block-based technology, the emergence of global consensus, and is a reference to “building”, as a structure extending up from a solid foundation.

Shift control - brand evo
Wolf & Ollins designs

Our visual system is anchored by a two-dimensional generative pattern composed of interconnected, distinct blocks. This is a gesture to the individuals and communities that make up web3, itself a dynamic and diverse ecosystem of contributors. These elements assemble in infinite ways, giving us the opportunity to invite people to engage with us collaboratively with unique expressions of the brand suited to them.

Build anything
Structures visual system

Core to the system is the moment of transition: an “aha” moment when the 2D pattern shifts to reveal depth and richness, unseen until perspective has changed. The provocation of such a shift in perspective is more than a visual motif, it's how we see our role as a company: to encourage shifts in perspective on what is possible with web3, and on the potential of the individual. The system is based on an isometric view and hexagonal grid, giving flexibility to develop unlimited potential worlds from a given two dimensional pattern

System through Motion

Throughout the system, we approach a patterning system in a similarly modular way, bringing life to the system through motion.

Our new visual system is modular, composable, generative, and customizable. It’s reflective of web3 itself and the rich communities that comprise it. We view our brand as participatory, and a conversation we can have with those we engage with. One way this is being expressed is through our new Decentraland headquarters, where we’ve yielded over 80% of our virtual land to visitors so they can build small worlds of their own using the elements of our brand system, which uniquely comes to life in a metaverse context. Visitors can lay patterns and build lofted environments which live on in Decentraland, to be explored by others. The message is that we’re here to inspire building, and this is the DNA of our brand system. 

Shifting Attitudes

Our 2023 Global Survey on Crypto and Web3 reveals that while awareness of crypto is high, understanding of web3 is relatively low. However, there is a strong positive sentiment towards the principles underlying web3, such as having more control over online identity and sharing in the profits from personal data and online activity. People recognize the limitations of the current internet but are less aware that web3 aims to address these issues.

As a brand, our opportunity lies in bridging the gap between awareness and understanding, and challenging individuals to view themselves as builders of value and the technology as a means to assert better control over their identity and assets. The goal is to shift power from institutions to individuals and communities: to shift control.

Bridging the gap

Start Building

Today, we’re launching a global virtual hackathon: NAVH. This hackathon is open to everyone of all experience levels, whether you’d like to join a team or just want to attend sessions and learn more: Enrollment to Not Another Virtual Hackathon is open now, and while the hackathon runs from July 7 to September 7, you can sign up any time before August 14. 

This is just the beginning, and exciting things are coming. The new rules of web3 are being written, and our bet is on the community. Stay tuned to this space. Let’s keep building.