Alongside the unveiling of its new brand, Consensys announced today its first-ever global virtual hackathon, "Not Another Virtual Hackathon" (NAVH) that will run from July 6th to September 6th, 2023. NAVH aims to unite web3 contributors and blockchain developers from across the globe, empowering them to build innovative solutions for the next generation of the Internet. 

"Not Another Virtual Hackathon is an expression of our commitment to championing the builders of the web3 ecosystem," said Joe Lubin, Founder at Consensys and Co-Founder of Ethereum. "Through this event, we aim to celebrate web3 developers, NFT artists, students, community builders, product specialists, and futurists, among others, empowering them to make a meaningful impact. We are excited to witness the innovation and creativity that will emerge from this hackathon."

Sign up for NAVH here and the opening ceremony livestream happening on July 6th here

A hackathon designed for web3 builders to Shift+Control 

The theme for this year's virtual hackathon is Shift+Control and encourages participants to challenge the status quo and shift paradigms through collaboration, blockchain, and innovation. 

NAVH provides participants with five technical challenges leveraging Infura, MetaMask Snaps, the MetaMask SDK, and Linea from the Consensys developer suite. The hackathon is fully virtual, meaning anyone can participate from anywhere in the world, while connecting with developers, founders, and creatives from New York to Tokyo. NAVH also lasts longer than your typical hackathon with a total duration of three months. This gives participants more time to compete and perfect their projects. 

And to complement the all star cast of judges, mentors include industry experts such as Anett Rolikova, Developer Relations at Hyperlane, Kristjan Bajuk, Web3 Developer at, Peter Yinusa, Lead QA Engineer, MetaMask, among others. All NAVH participants will have access to mentors and 1:1 sessions and virtual talks to support their projects. 

Check out the NAVH website for more benefits like IRL BuildUps and surprise giveaways. 

Not Another Virtual Hackathon bounties 

With a total prize pool of $115,500, NAVH is a platform for builders to showcase their skills and creativity. Projects will be scored by product market fit, scalability, investability, design, and judged by industry experts such as Parker Jay-Pachirat, Co-founder, BoysClub/ Investor, Zack Guzman, Founder and Host, Coinage, Peter Pan, Founder, Metacartel/ Investor, 1kx, and Maggie Love, Founder, SheFi. Let’s break down each challenge: 

Bounty 1: To Infura and Beyond, $10,000 Prize Pool

Deploy your dapp using Infura’s RPC endpoints to at least two networks. Each deployment should utilize functionality and features unique to the networks chosen, and provide specific and applicable solutions. Bonus: integrate additional Infura solutions such as IPFS, Archive Data, Trace API, to set your project apart.

Bounty 2: Mobile Fun with MetaMask SDK, $18,000 Prize Pool 

Showcase your skills with the MetaMask SDK by connecting the MetaMask mobile experience to your dapp. Whether you're creating an Electron or JavaScript dapp, or connecting your Unity game to MetaMask mobile, we want to see your seamless integration with the MetaMask SDK.

Bounty 3: IYKYK Linea Edition $25,000 Prize Pool

Linea is an EVM-equivalent zk-rollup that scales your dapps with lower gas fees and faster transaction times, using the developer tools you know like Truffle, Hardhat, and Foundry. Building on Ethereum is no different than building on Linea. Additionally, it sits within the ConsenSys ecosystem, with a default integration in MetaMask, close collaboration with Besu, and an Infura-powered RPC. To be eligible for this bounty all you need to do is deploy your smart contract on Linea.

Bounty 4: OH SNAP!, $25,000 Prize Pool 

Snaps is MetaMask’s extension system, allowing you to expand the capabilities of MetaMask by getting access to privileged APIs. With Snaps, you can implement non-EVM chains, give users transaction insights, and more. To be eligible for the bounty, build any novel use case with Snaps, such as adding a non-EVM chain to the wallet, increasing security through transaction insights, adding account abstraction capabilities, or implementing an identity/communication protocol.

Bounty 5: Make a Dapp That Slaps, No Cap, GRAND PRIZE: $37,500 Prize Pool 

We want to see you demonstrate your creativity! This bounty is for any project that uses multiple Consensys products: MetaMask SDK, Linea, Infura, or Truffle. The more you leverage Consensys developer tooling, the more points we award during judging.

Sign up today and start hacking the future of web3

The three-month-long event will kick off with an opening ceremony on July 6th and facilitate weekly workshops about how to create your own NFT collection, how to go from hackathon to startup, and how to create a successful project. We hope you’ll join us at Not Another Virtual Hackathon and be part of the rebel community that is shifting control to build a better web. We can't wait to see what you'll create! Submit your project July 6th - August 21st.

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