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The B2B Digital Currency Solution for Payments and Finance

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An integrated suite of digital currency services

Central banks, banks, fintechs, and other payment service providers use Codefi Payments to issue and manage digital currencies. They use our software and APIs to eliminate transaction delays, decrease operating costs, streamline backend processes, and create secure, frictionless, and transparent payment experiences for their customers.

Product Features

The next evolution in payments and finance

Enable secure and real-time payments for retail applications, security settlement, invoice settlement, crypto settlement, cross border payments, and more. We offer the ideal foundation for financial institutions and fintechs to build enterprise-grade digital currency settlement services and payments infrastructure.

Security and resilience

Payment infrastructure with zero downtime, and without single points of failure.

Removal of reconciliations

Eliminate the risks of clearing, settlement, and confirmation delays from daily business processes.

Accelerated go-to-market

Deploy innovative payment solutions in a matter of days. Save millions in cost and years of research and development.

Easy integration

Develop customized applications by seamlessly integrating the Codefi Payments API and all Ethereum based blockchain networks.

Why Codefi Payments?

We are the world’s foremost expert in Ethereum technology

Customer success

We support you from discovery through to pilot and launch. Our Sandbox experimentation platform facilitates use case discovery and solution development to best suit your needs. ConsenSys’ global support team provides SLA-based support up to 24/7.

Full stack solution

We provide network infrastructure with QBS, Teku, and Infura, wallet integration with MetaMask, security services with Diligence, and the advantage of global partnerships.

Proven expertise

Our digital currency solution is the product of seven years of technology development, and is informed by our work with six central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilots.

Ethereum excellence

ConsenSys is the engineering and infrastructure leader at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, offering unrivalled Ethereum expertise. We are backed by JP Morgan, Mastercard, UBS and more.

  • 8M+
    Monthly active users on MetaMask
  • 200K+
    Developers using Infura
  • 1B+
    In tokenization projects, launches, digital assets, and currencies
  • 2.0!
    Building the future of Blockchain with Ethereum 2.0 Client, Teku, and layer 2 solutions
  • 80%
    Less custom code needed, deploying on public or private chains
Codefi Payments Sandbox

An experimentation platform to facilitate digital currency discovery

The Codefi Payments Sandbox is a secure test environment designed to facilitate digital currency discovery and experimentation. It is a decentralized and permissioned Ethereum network accessible via web application and API.

Experiment with use cases

Settle securities, settle invoices, process retail payments, break down payment rail silos and streamline cross border payments.

Customize payment solutions

Work with the Codefi Payments team to tailor digital currency solutions for your business, based on learnings from the Sandbox.

Test end-to-end user journeys

Create wallets for your administrators and users, create a new digital currency, sell the digital currency to your users, use the digital currency as a means of payment, monitor currency adoption and usage.

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Resources and Insights

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