Real-World Blockchain Case Studies

ConsenSys Solutions and several of ConsenSys’ products have built industry-changing Ethereum blockchain solutions for the sectors of finance, international trade, supply chain, government, social impact, and more.

Commerce and Finance Case Studies

NFT Experience Case Studies

  • The Currency: Engineering a seamless experience to allocate, mint, and distribute the NFTs
    32,492 Collectors from over 130 countries applied to purchase 67,023 NFTs of ‘The Currency,’ Damien Hirst’s first NFT collection. HENI, Palm NFT Studio, and Consensys engineered a seamless experience to successfully allocate, mint, and distribute the NFTs.
  • Palm: Building a new NFT ecosystem and studio for creators
    Palm is a new token-powered ecosystem for NFTs, which is connected to Ethereum, and features low gas costs, fast transaction finality, and 99% more energy efficiency than proof of work systems. The first artist drop on Palm is Damien Hirst’s The Currency Project, which consists of 10,000 works on paper tied to corresponding NFTs.

Infrastructure and Scaling Case Studies

Supply Chain Case Studies

  • Covantis: Modernizing global supply chains
    Blockchain solutions from Consensys products Quorum, Codefi, and Diligence enable Covantis to create a global network for the efficient execution of bulk agricultural trade operations.
  • AURA: Proving authenticity for luxury products
    Blockchain for Supply Chain Management. AURA is a consortium blockchain pioneered by the LVMH Group to track and trace luxury goods— from raw materials to the point of sale, to second-hand markets — in order to assure consumers of product history and proof of authenticity.
  • komgo: Bringing commodity trade finance into the 21st century
    Blockchain for International Trade. Komgo is a secure, blockchain-based platform that is optimizing financing processes and accelerating industry operations for the world’s largest commodity trade and finance companies.

Government and Identity Case Studies

Social Impact Case Studies