Codefi Orchestrate

Core Technical Components for Every Enterprise Blockchain Solution

Accelerate enterprise solution development by abstracting away the technical complexities of building blockchain applications.

Quorum Developer Quickstart
npx quorum-dev-quickstart

Requirements for the computer to run the command

  • nodejs v10+
  • docker
  • docker-compose

For Windows users:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
  • Docker desktop configured to use the WSL2-based engine
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Enterprise Blockchain Development, Accelerated.

Building a secure and reliable blockchain platform requires large investment and years of research, development, and innovation. Reduce cost and expedite time-to-market with the industry-proven core technical blockchain components of Codefi Orchestrate. 

Manage all your blockchain components through a single API—including your blockchain nodes, networks, Ethereum transactions, account, private keys, your blockchain faucet, and your smart contracts.

Be production-ready

Get on the path to implementation from day one and eliminate the need for custom builds.

Simplify critical elements

Streamline complexity of blockchain production systems including transaction, gas, nonce, and key management.

Product Benefits

Maintain security and high availability

Run your blockchain application securely with zero downtime on configurable infrastructure.

Configure multiple applications or clients

Achieve multi-tenancy and serve multiple blockchain applications with a single Orchestrate instance. Ensure dedicated resources for executing transactions, and accessing blockchain networks and private keys for each application and client. This will reduce running costs while maintaining high-security standards and reducing the number of services to manage. 

Product Features

Connect your business application to Ethereum.

Codefi Orchestrate is the link between your business application and the Ethereum blockchain. We facilitate interactions with Ethereum by offering a single RESTful API to orchestrate your transactions, share encrypted messaging, and manage your accounts and private keys.

Transaction Management

Build your application on a robust system that handles end-to-end blockchain transaction requirements — from gas and nonce management to transaction signing, sending, listening, event streaming, and receipt decoding.

Transaction Sentry

Configure your transactions to automatically resubmit themselves to ensure mining execution.

Account Management

Create accounts to sign off on Ethereum transactions, meta-transactions, on-chain data, off-chain data, and even data for Zero-Knowledge Proof technologies. Assign business identifiers to manage accounts and attach specific metadata.

Private Key Management

Improve security by using enterprise-grade vaults for key management operations to ensure your user’s keys never leave your enterprise vault.

Faucet Management

Our faucet service pre-funds your business accounts with Ether to ensure seamless workflows. Always stay fueled.

Smart Contract Management

Push and version your smart contracts to our dedicated registry so that you can deploy any instance on any blockchain, and decode transaction logs without additional complexity.

Encrypted Network Messaging

Share data through a messaging layer, private bilateral or multilateral channels for secure messaging.

Spotlight Case Study


Covantis partnered with ConsenSys to create a global network for the efficient execution of bulk agricultural trade operations. The Covantis platform relies on Codefi Orchestrate to manage the complexities of blockchain transaction management.

Accelerate enterprise blockchain development with Codefi Orchestrate