Article The Essence of Web3 is its People: Meet the Builder Stories Series


March 6, 2024


Sharmeen Shehabuddin

The Essence of Web3 is its People: Meet the Builder Stories Series

Watch the stories of nine web3 builders we filmed around the globe to show the world the diversity and strength of the people building the decentralized future.

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At the core of the paradigm shift ushered in by web3 lies a global community, a mosaic of individuals whose contributions transcend traditional roles and redefine what it means to be a builder. 

The web3 community isn't just composed of engineers, investors, and product managers; it's enriched by artists unrestrained by intermediaries, entrepreneurs fostering financial freedom, and visionaries nurturing inclusive spaces. The essence of web3 is its people - their dreams, their dedication, and their unwavering belief in a decentralized future that redefines the concept of ownership by introducing the freedom of digital ownership.

The Builder Stories by Consensys

The Builder Stories by Consensys series is dedicated to celebrating this vibrant, global community, by amplifying the voices of the builders  driving web3's evolution. We recognize that each individual, regardless of their role, contributes a unique thread to the tapestry of web3, expanding our understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a builder.

From the bustling streets of global tech hubs like Bangalore, to an artist’s quiet studio in Chicoutimi, we traveled the globe in search of web3 builders to tell their stories. Each story goes beyond the tech to highlight the human spirit and the collective aspiration builders are working on to create a more equitable and connected world.

The Consensys  Builder Stories capture the essence of innovation and community, showcasing how web3 has become a beacon of global impact and reach. These builders and their projects are testament to the power of web3 to bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

In celebrating each web3 builder, we not only pay tribute to their invaluable contributions but also inspire the next generation to emerge. We expand the aperture of what it means to be a builder in the web3 space, encouraging others to join this journey of transformation and empowerment.

Join us as we celebrate the vibrant community that makes web3 not just a technology, but a revolution of inclusion, innovation and human connection decentralization makes possible.

If you can dream it, you can build it. Together, we're shifting control.

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arrow-bottom-right icon Video Learn how web3 builder, Yesika Padilla, used blockchain to help one indigenous Colombian community strengthen their coffee business.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video Explore the rise of web3 in the Philippines with Jiro Reyes and Beau Valoria, as they lead educational and infrastructural development, shaping the country's digital future.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video Nitish Chachra and Harshit Chachra are on a path to decentralize music production and empower artists through music NFTs and other larger web3 communities.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video Explore Eche Emole's technological journey from traditional financial services to launching Afropolitan, a digital nation.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video In the heart of Abuja, Nigeria, Yinkore stands at the nexus of tradition and transformation.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video Tarik Adnan Moon's goal is to develop web3 products that even individuals without extensive technical expertise can use with confidence and ease.

arrow-bottom-right icon Video From a small French-Canadian village to the global village of web3, Tjo is raising awareness about mental health with visual art NFTs.

Watch the complete series on the Consensys YouTube channel here.