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  • A more decentralized, secure, and transparent Internet – web3 – starts with you, the builder. We’re uniting a rich community of innovators from around the world in service of shared goals to celebrate their achievements.

  • Whether you’re a developer, NFT artist, community builder, product specialist, futurist, storyteller, gamer, or meme-maker, we invite you to help shape the next generation of the Internet through the Consensys Ambassador Programs.

Make Your Mark in Web3

Make Your Mark in Web3

Thoughtfully curated and nomination-based, the Consensys Ambassador Programs provide a platform for creatives, hackathon winners, technical developers, and community members across the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

Meet the Ambassadors

Alejandro Mena

Alejandro Mena

Chinthaka Weerakkody

Chinthaka Weerakkody

Product Pro

Product Pro

The Product Pro Program is designed for web3 community leaders who actively advocate for building on Ethereum.

Product Pros are empowered to produce educational content, host technical workshops, and elevate their networks and communities through outreach, education, and resources.

  • Exclusive access to product releases
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Access to Product Engineers
  • Executive meet and greets
  • Limited edition Swag
  • Retreats
  • Grants


Connect with changemakers to further your web3 mission.

Nomination-based, the Vanguard Program creates an intimate container for the most innovative and creative minds in web3.

Through conversation, exclusive events, and speaking opportunities, Vanguard’s collaborate at the highest level to co-create a future where mass adoption of decentralization and economic freedom is a reality.

You may join the waitlisting list to become a Product Pro through the application here. If accepted, someone from our Community Team will reach out to learn more about you and your contributions to web3 and begin the onboarding process. To become a Vanguard, you must be nominated through this form by a member of the web3 community.

The Consensys Ambassador Programs do not provide monetary value but rewards Ambassadors through other avenues via program perks.

Applicants applying for the Consensys Ambassador Programs must have a solid understanding of web3, blockchain, and be actively contributing back to the community at large via content, community-building, and shared-institutional knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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