A global web3 builders program for dapps

A global web3 builders program for dapps

A global web3 builders program for dapps

Consensys Scale is a 12-month building journey, opening the entire developer world of Consensys to  leading web3 ventures. Build on MetaMask, deploy on Linea, accelerate with Infura and Diligence Fuzzing. Receive a world of support & benefits. Let’s succeed together.

About the program

Elevate your dapp with our comprehensive developer stack

Consensys Scale is a bundled program giving great dapps access to our developer product stack. In effect, participants become our co-creators.

We seek fully functional dapps who are willing and able to 1. integrate the MetaMask wallet, 2. deploy a smart contract on Linea, 3. while leveraging our APIs i.e. Infura and Diligence Fuzzing

The program journey is 12 months and is structured as follows


Get access & build

You’ll receive onboarding and access to our builder Notion page with all relevant information. To begin, you'll integrate MetaMask as your wallet of choice and deploy on Linea. We’ll support you with account management, technical enablement and workshops.

Get access & build


Show us the result of your work

Whenever you’re ready, you’ll submit the wallet integration proof and proof of deployment on Linea. You’ll then become part of the inner circle and get access to many great perks.

Show us the result of your work


Unlock great benefits

There are a range of perks and benefits you unlock, from a sponsored Infura RPC license, over two months of Diligence Fuzzing Smart Contract debugging, logo usage, co-marketing, and over 100K USD worth of credits from our ecosystem partners like AWS, Tencent or Protocol Labs.

Unlock great benefits

We seek fully functional, live dapps which...

  • Have on-chain activity (actual transactions)
  • Are willing and able to deploy on Linea and integrate MetaMask wallet at the program onset
  • Have at least 100 monthly transactions within the last 30 days plus several hundred users minimum
  • Have achieved financial stability; secured institutional funding is a strong plus
  • 100% clean track record
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Expanding the scope of possibilities for protocol teams and investment firms.

“This collaboration provides us with essential resources for processing and accessing on-chain data through Infura, which is crucial for scaling our product. The integration of MetaMask SDK and Snaps significantly widens our user base, allowing us to offer enhanced decision-making tools to investment firms and retail users. Moreover, with Ethereum's shift towards ZK-based L2 solutions, our collaboration with the Linea team is invaluable for developing robust, data-driven risk frameworks. 

Beyond technical benefits, our association with Consensys elevates our brand's visibility and trustworthiness, enabling us to reach and assure a broader audience. The Consensys Scale program is more than a partnership; it’s a catalyst propelling Alterscope towards new heights in the Web3 ecosystem.”

Marijo Radman

Co-Founder & CTO, Alterscope

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Omnichain naming for wallets, websites and more.

“Star Protocol’s journey towards innovation and growth have significantly accelerated thanks to our participation in the Consensys Scale program. This partnership is a key step in pushing our project forward, offering invaluable resources and connections.

To this effect, the Consensys Scale program isn't just about short-term gains; It's about fostering a community committed to improving innovation and development in the blockchain space.

Through this program, Star Protocol has not only gained valuable technical insights and access to an incredible network, but we've also found a community that shares our vision and passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible.”

Ervin Zhuang & Michael Huang

Co-Founders, Star Protocol

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To The Last Drop Of Juice.

“Joining the Scale program marked a significant step forward for the Battlemon project. This move provided us with access to valuable resources and support, which proved to be extremely important for our startup in its early stages of development. Participation in educational programs and access to technical tools gave us the necessary knowledge and opportunities to develop our project in the field of blockchain gaming.

We are grateful to the Scale program team for their guidance and support. Collaborating with them has given us confidence in the development of Battlemon and helped us to solidify our path to success in the world of blockchain gaming.”

Vitali Khotyan

CEO, Battlemon

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The New Experience in Futures Trading.

“Getting into the Consensys Startup Program was a game-changer for us. It's like they handed us this treasure trove of resources and support, perfect for a startup like ours that just got a funding boost. The courses? Mind-blowing. They didn't just teach us about blockchain; they made us leaders in our niche. And those cloud credits from AWS and Infura? Total lifesavers.

Now we can amp up our infrastructure without burning through cash. But the real star? Demo Days. Consensys helped us polish our pitch game, and man, did it pay off. Our pitch didn't just turn heads; it made investors sit up and take notice of FWX's strengths. The Consensys Startup Program is the secret sauce that's set us on a solid growth path. Big thanks to the Consensys crew, and we're pumped for what's next in this collaboration! 🚀”

Beam Chanon

Co-Founder and CEO, FWX

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Powering the next generation of commerce.

“We're excited to be working with the team at Consensys to accelerate droplinked. As we further scale the protocols decentralized commerce capabilities for Fortune 500 brands and companies, it's re-assuring for clients to know we have the support of best in class partners as industry leaders.”

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The Web3 Al social platform that brings together global decentralized communities in one single place.

“Consensys Scale has been Pop Social's catalyst for success. The program provided invaluable resources, expert sessions, and a powerful tech stack, including Linea, MetaMask, and Snaps. The deep dive sessions with the technical team at Consensys ensured the best foundational support for integration, while Consensys Scale's ecosystem partners and funding opportunities elevated our growth. Grateful for the unwavering support, Pop Social looks forward to continued success in the dynamic world of web3, thanks to Consensys Scale.”

Gonçalo Vicente

Senior Product Lead, Pop Social

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Where Technology Empowers and Profits from the Gamer's Journey.

"Participating in the Consensys startup program has been a game-changer for Yooldo. As a Web3 gaming platform, we sought to leverage Consensys' wealth of expertise across various Web3 domains, from technical consulting to strategic advice. The program not only connected us with innovative startups and potential investors but also provided vital mentorship and resources that propelled our growth. We greatly appreciate the commitment and guidance Consensys has offered, based on their deep experience in the blockchain ecosystem. This partnership has been instrumental in Yooldo's journey toward success."

Erick You

Dev Lead, Yooldo


Consensys Scale VC partners

VCs & investors listen up. The Consensys Scale program works closely with investors globally to attract and retain suitable ventures. We find the best matches in your portfolios and are happy to provide dealflow back to you from our cohorts.

You are in good company, below is a small selection of our 100+ existing VC partners.


Consensys Scale Ecosystem Partners

Are you a large software vendor, media house or industry-specific player such as a gaming company or multinational law office that’s interested in plugging into the Consensys Scale program?

We have created a flourishing ecosystem benefit offer for our participant ventures that creates a bridge between them and your business. For example, AWS provides significant hosting credits under their Engage program and Protocol Labs provides decentralized storage credits and strategic support.


Follow our journey