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Blockchain Knowledge Bases

Blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain and Ethereum
Blockchain and Ethereum

What is blockchain? And why does it matter? Your journey starts here

Enterprise Ethereum Enterprise Ethereum
Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum for enterprise offers easy-to-use tooling, always-on reliability, and the privacy and permissioning features that leading businesses need.

Ethereum 2.0 Ethereum 2.0
Ethereum 2.0

The Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain launched in December 2020. This base contains the most relevant, up-to-date educational resources about the upgrade.

Decentralized Finance Decentralized Finance
Decentralized Finance

As of May 2021, the DeFi ecosystem has reached over $75 billion in collateral. Learn how to build and participate in this new economic system.

Blockchain Use Cases and Applications by Industry

Blockchain Use Cases and Applications by Industry

How will blockchain impact the industries of finance, identity, supply chain management, and more? Learn how major sectors are presently deploying Ethereum blockchain solutions to solve recurrent industry problems.

Blockchain Insight Reports

Blockchain Insight Reports

Industry reports, executive guides, white papers, and research from the foremost experts on Ethereum.

Webinars Webinars

Upcoming and on-demand webinars from Consensys and our partners. Discover real-world blockchain applications, and learn how to get started with Ethereum.

Podcast Podcast

SIGNAL empowers the technology ecosystem. Listen to the stories of the people participating in the next generation of the internet.

Academy Academy

Learn the basics of blockchain or train to become a certified blockchain developer.

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