Enterprise Ethereum: Accelerating Blockchain Adoption for Business

Ethereum is the most actively developed blockchain in the world, with easy-to-use tooling, always-on reliability, and the privacy and permissioning features that leading businesses need.

What Is Enterprise Ethereum?

Enterprise Ethereum refers to a defined set of guidelines and technical specifications to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology among enterprises. The specifications provide businesses with the ability to leverage both Ethereum-based private chains and the public mainnet. The Enterprise Ethereum specification is maintained by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a membership of blockchain and incumbent businesses from around the world.

ConsenSys Quorum: Open Source Enterprise Ethereum

Quorum is ConsenSys’ Enterprise Ethereum solution. Using the Enterprise Ethereum guidelines and specifications determined by the EEA, ConsenSys Quorum is built to meet enterprise needs for blockchain-based solutions and applications.

On top of ConsenSys Quorum’s open source Enterprise Ethereum protocol layer, businesses can build highly performant solutions with a number of customizable, industry-agnostic product modules.

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The Benefits of Enterprise Ethereum

Accelerate business

Go digital and maximize security. The proof:

Launch trusted networks

Run enterprise consortia at scale. The proof: 

Create digital assets

Easily issue and manage digital assets and financial instruments. The proof:

  • 95% of digital asset issuance to date
  • €350M real estate tokenized
  • $1B+ financing on commodity trading platform

The Ethereum Technology Stack


Ethereum powers more than 2,900 decentralized applications—more dapps than any other blockchain platform combined.


Ethereum’s plug-and-play modularity allow you to customize privacy, permissioning, analytics, and compliance, all on a single platform.


Ethereum’s open source protocol provides low-cost and standardized IT infrastructure that easily integrates into your existing systems.


The Ethereum ecosystem has over 200,000 developers—the largest, most active blockchain developer community in the world. 

ConsenSys Enterprise Solutions

Become a leader in the digital economy. 
Asset Management

Create, issue, and manage digital assets and instruments. Explore our solutions 

Capital Markets

Automate servicing activities and accelerate time-to-capital. Explore our solutions 

Decentralized Finance

Launch and participate in peer-to-peer networks and marketplaces. Explore our solutions 

Global Trade and Commerce

Expedite trade financing and prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Explore our solutions 

Payments and Money

Streamline retail and wholesale payments infrastructure. Explore our solutions 

Enterprise Ethereum Resources

The Complete Guide to Blockchain Business Networks

Discover the advantages of decentralized networks for business use cases and prepare your organization for the strategic shift. 

Finding the Best Blockchain for Your Business

An overview of the benefits of blockchain solutions for business, key considerations for a successful platform, and how Ethereum can meet your enterprise needs. 

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