Built for enterprise. Quorum enables businesses to build effectively with blockchain.

Quorum and ConsenSys are trusted by hundreds of enterprises for their blockchain needs. On top of the Quorum open-source protocol layer, ConsenSys offers services and products to meet enterprise demands across industries and use cases.  

Powering Leading Organizations

Optimized for Business.

Quorum provides the features and functionality enterprises need.

Use Case Flexibility

ConsenSys’ product modules on top of Quorum can be deployed to address a variety of industries and institutional use cases. Across real estate, syndicated loans, digital currencies, business automation, and more, we offer blockchain solutions for your business.

Public and Private Networks

Quorum can be used to build blockchain solutions on either the public Ethereum Mainnet or on a private permissioned network. Quorum’s versatility ensures businesses can make the most of both public and private setups for their solution.

Strong Privacy

Private information is never broadcast to network participants. Private data is encrypted and only shared directly with relevant parties.


Quorum’s smart contract-based permissions model allows businesses to flexibly determine how to onboard users. Assign different access permissions to parent entities, sub-entities, and individuals to suit your organization structure.


Quorum meets the needs of permissioned Enterprise Ethereum deployments. Quorum can send high transaction volumes on private networks and ensure stability and finality with IBFT.

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The ConsenSys Partner Program offers front-row access to enterprise blockchain solutions.

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