Overview of November

By far the biggest event in November was MakerDAO’s protocol upgrade which created Mulitcollateral DAI which now accepts both ether and basic attention token as collateral for dai generation. Additionally, Maker released the Dai Savings Rate where users can lend their dai and receive interest. Gods Unchained reached a historic milestone for transferring over 6 million ERC 721 cards which is more than Cryptokitties or any other collectible to date. More importantly, the Ethereum network maintained space for transactions even during this record amount of transfers.


  • 9069000. Block Number for the Istanbul fork

  • 9M+. Blocks mined on Ethereum

  • 6. Ethereum improvement proposals in the Istanbul upgrade

  • 15.6M+. Ethereum addresses with a non-zero account balance

  • 23.80%. The number of block rewards Ethermine was responsible for in Q3

  • 1. Heatmap of where cryptocurrencies are accepted


  • $230. The amount you could win using PoolTogether

  • 1.06M+. The number of transactions to dapp contracts in the past 24hours

  • 75%. Uniswap decentralized exchange dominance

  • 0. Pay zeros fees from USD to USDC using Argent

  • 7M+. Overall Gods Unchained transactions


  • 2. Collateral accepted by MakerDAO protocol

  • $3.4M. The amount of Multicollateral DAI locked in Dai Savings Rate

  • $7.9M. All-time high 24h Uniswap Volume

  • 48.71%. MakerDAO Defi dominance

  • $450M+. USD locked in Defi

  • 166.9M. USD value locked in Synthetix

  • $17M+. Maker collateral liquidated over the past month

  • $353K. USDC loans originated in the past 24 hours


Maker's dominance on Uniswap has largely been reduced by Synthetix which has seen unprecedented growth in the past couple of months. Additionally, the increase in SAI and DAI supply has resulted in less Maker dominance, although Sai and Dai are directly generated using the Maker protocol. Moving forward it will be interesting to see if BAT's acceptance as collateral for Maker increases its liquidity on Uniswap.


  • 2.6M+. Truffle Suite lifetime downloads

  • $2.7M+. Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value

  • $300k+. Grants that were given out by Consensys over the past year. Wave 3 is open

  • 5. Years later that Vitalik examines Ethereum and its biggest issues

  • 16. Recently executed smart contracts with issues in EIP 1884

  • 3.5. Version 1.3.5 of Hyperledger Besu

Food for Thought

  • 3. Big Things

  • $26B. Charles Schwab buys TD Ameritrade for $26 billion dollars

  • 3 seconds. Transaction time using Loom network

  • 3.7M+. ERC 721 token transfers which are greater than ERC 20 and ether gas transfers

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