Over a year ago at Devcon in 2018, Joseph Lubin announced a $500,000 grant fund to be distributed to dedicated projects building out the Ethereum ecosystem.

Consensys Grants

has already funded 20 projects for a total of $420,000 and is now accepting applications for its third wave of grants.


Consensys Grants funds on open-source projects that benefit the greater Ethereum community. Projects supported include critical areas such as core infrastructure, improved developer tooling and UX, security, social impact, and access to education.

Breakdown of Current Funding

Infrastructure projects have received the most funding of the five categories throughout the first two waves of grants. This is partially due to the number of projects that fit the infrastructure category and the vast bread that is included under infrastructure. Similarly, usability and developer tooling is a broad category and currently ripe for disruption.

Teams that make Ethereume easier for users and developers will help entrepreneurs build even greater applications on top of Ethereum. Consensys believes that every category is incredibly important for building out the future of Ethereum. If you're an entrepreneur, developers, or hacking on a side project that will help Ethereum move forward – apply to the third round of grants!

ConsenSys Grants Funding by Category

Below is a list of all the projects funded throughout 2019 according to category:

Usability and Developer Tooling


Mobile app to easily build native mobile Ethereum applications.



A complete Ethereum JavaScript library for building wallets, frameworks and tools, with a focus on security, compactness and simplicity.



Helps blockchain event organizers attract new participants with little to no knowledge or experience of interacting with dapps and smart contracts.




– A programming language/ development platform that abstracts away the complications of blockchain while automatically formally verifying the entire dapp.




– Easily send and receive rich-media HTML messages between blockchain public addresses through a simple, email-like interface.



Eth Dev Tools

– Chrome developer tool that gives developers strong inspection, debugging and manual testing abilities during dapp development - an extension that acts like a Swiss Army knife for dapp developers and curious users.




– DeFi subscription micropayments layer powered by directing interest flows from crypto asset holdings to content providers or to whatever the holder wishes to support


ConsenSys Grant Winners announced at Devcon V



A decentralized network of personally-owned nodes with a user-friendly interface.



Building and protecting global, privacy-preserving, permissionless, off-chain smart contracts.



A decentralized oracle that provides an efficient, trustless, and decentralized alternative for off-chain data.



A platform for fully anonymous and non-trackable transactions on Ethereum, supporting multiple ERC20 tokens, ether, and anonymous atomic swaps.


Gas Station Network / EIP-1613

Solving the gasless users onboarding problem in a trustless decentralized way, through a network of incentivized relays.



Service that allows users to trigger webhooks from Ethereum smart contract events or Graph Protocol GraphQL subscriptions.



Trueblocks –

Framework that indexes appearances of addresses, providing lightning-fast access to full, complete, audit-quality transaction histories for any address.


Picture of Grants Wave 2 Winners at Devcon 5



Ethereum Serenity client enabling users to enjoy the benefits of a sharded, proof-of-stake Ethereum platform with 1000x capacity




– Biometric card hardware wallets that enable crypto-asset users to comfortably and securely validate payments using their cards with smartphones


Social Impact

Ribbon Blockchain: Public Health Incentives App

Using tokenized incentives to make positive lifestyle changes & reducing the burden on the medical system



Using blockchain technology to incentivize carbon removal makes sense. Nori is preventing fraud and double-counting in the carbon market, and the NORI token enables the world to set a truly market-driven price on removing a ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


Education and Technical Knowledge

Black Girls CODE Blockchain Immersion Program

A three-tiered blockchain program that focuses on education, immersion, and the provision of “hackternships” to test practical ecosystem knowledge


Africa Blockchain Developers Program

Giving African developers the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to become industry-ready blockchain developers


Consensys Grants Wave 3 is Open!

Consensys Grants Wave 3 is now open for applications and initial winners are planned to be announced at ETHDenver in February 2020. The deadline to

submit applications

is January 14, 2020.

“It’s clear the bar has now been set high with the quality of submissions we’ve received for Wave 2 based on the awarded grantees,” said Johanna Moran, Consensys Grants Lead.

“Also we’re delighted that many of these projects are addressing urgent infrastructure and dev tooling needs to support the growing Ethereum community.

Consensys Grants Wave 3 is open! What are you waiting for? Apply today!