Online cryptocurrency retail directory


lists thousands of blockchain-forward businesses around the world that accept digital currencies as payment for services and goods. The companies on the platform range from online marketplaces to internet services, tourism, and even offline services. The possibilities are endless: Hotels, IT infrastructure, tattoos, the list goes on.

Cryptwerk also features a detailed global heatmap of where businesses available on the platform are located. The result is a bird’s eye picture of crypto-friendly retail that offers a snapshot of cryptocurrency adoption around the world. Although the Cryptwerk data is by no means definitive—there are thousands more cryptocurrency-friendly companies yet to be added to the platform—it is surely worth taking note of which regions are most progressively moving towards digital asset adoption.

We took some snapshots of Cryptwerk’s global heatmap that you can find below, focusing first on the planet as a whole, and then on specific continents...

A Global View