The key takeaways:

  • Layer 2s solutions, rollups, and side chains are getting more popular.

  • As we are approaching the Merge we need to prepare more developers on what is actually happening.

  • JPGs and play-to-earn games are still a hot topic. General NFT art is getting even more mainstream with digital art galleries.

  • If you are a Dapp developer it will be a challenge to navigate the different layers, you need to buy hardware, instead, you could deploy your Dapp into Mainnet using solutions like Infura.

  • A multi-chain future is here, whether that is Ethereum sidechains (on Hyperledger Besu or others), or interoperable L1/L2s.


A couple of weeks ago I have attended Liscon and ETHLisbon, my first in-person event since the pandemic started nearly 2 years ago. 

The conference attracted more than 10k developers and Web3 aficionados. A bunch of cool folks from the community were reunited for the first time in years, and there were also a lot of new faces due to the growing popularity of NFTs among artist communities. We hosted two side events in one of the biggest blockchain coworking spaces called “The Block Lisboa.” Consensys hosted several panels, one exclusively with Web3 founders, moderated by Matt Wright.


Around 150 people were picked from a long application list. We had amazing speakers and we discussed the role of communities and DAOs as they relate to the future of work and the economy, a multi-chain future, and NFT fever (and how community will drive NFT engagement in the future). The panel also discussed various dev tools (check out how FWB uses Collab.Land and SoureCred with Discord) enabling everyone to interact with Web3, alongside some good resources to get started. 

On Saturday we had two panels open to the public. Around 850+ registered for the event! 

The first line of the panel was on MetaMask moderated by Anthony Albertorio:

  1. Tian from MetaMask 

  2. Kevin from MetaMask  

  3. Andre from MetaMask 

It was a great discussion around MetaMask’s values and security, Swaps, and the launch of MetaMask Snaps. Snaps is an extensibility framework that allows developers to expand MetaMask’s capabilities. We have an exciting update on MetaMask Snaps later this month, so stay tuned. 


Everybody was excited and had a lot of questions about the audience. We are taking all your feedback on MetaMask seriously too (if you have any please write to us in our Discord). 

The second line of panelists focused on dev tooling and the merge moderated by Francesco Andreoli:

  1. Matt Nelson from Quorum 

  2. Sara from Infura

  3. Nick from Truffle

  4. Gonzalo from Diligence

The discussions started on Eth2 and the upcoming “merge” to Proof of Stake Ethereum.  The biggest change is that individuals and companies running Ethereum nodes will need both an execution client and consensus client. We discussed how these changing requirements might impact developers, how Consensys Quorum (with its consensus client, Teku, and execution client, Hyperledger Besu), Infura, Diligence, and Truffle are all working to support developer tooling pre and post-Merge. You can read more about the recent workshop on the merge here

Liscon (October 20th and 21st). 

Product leads, DeFi degens, designers, rising NFT stars, and protocol wizards from every corner of the Ethereum community came together for two days of talks at Liscon, ahead of the ETH Lisbon hackathon. Topics included DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, and the culture of Ethereum that needs to evolve for the next billion community members.


Here are a few highlights from the conference: 

  1. People and communities are working hard to make sure the technical language of Ethereum is still approachable to new folks. (Check out Aditi Sriram’s talk on how to onboard developers from Web2 to Web3). 

  2. Ahead of the COP26 climate conference, more Web3 projects are coming up with novel ways of combating climate change. (Check out James Beck’s talk here).

  3. Aave founder Stani Kulechov presented his vision for how social media exists on Web3 (Check out his talk here). 

  4. Gitcoin founder Kevin Owocki announced “The Greatest LARP,” an interactive game that is meant to educate players on the concept of coordination failures and rewards those who participate fully in it with NFTs. (Check out Kevin’s talk here). 

  5. DAOs are still in a nascent stage, but many in the industry bet that they will become the primary employment vehicle of those active in the Web3 world. (Check out Kei Kreutler of the Gnosis Guild talk about the “prehistory of DAOs” and the networks to come). 

If you have any more takeaways, feel free to write us in our community channels:

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