Teku: The Ethereum 2.0 Client for Institutional Staking

Teku is the Ethereum 2.0 client empowering businesses to stake on the next evolution of the Ethereum network.

Teku powers Consensys Staking

Consensys Staking enables institutions to capitalize on the revenue opportunity of Ethereum 2.0 without the technical and operational complexities of running an independent validator.

Why Choose Teku?

External key management for compatibility with enterprise-grade key stores

Built by the team behind Hyperledger Besu, the leading Ethereum client for enterprises

Detailed documentation to help users get started immediately

Metrics and logging for improved functionality and usability

Full implementation of standard Ethereum 2.0 REST APIs

Commercial support for teams upon request

Eth2 Phase 0 Deposit Contract

In order to register as a validator on the network, a user must generate Ethereum 2.0 keys by making a one-way deposit of ETH into the official deposit contract. To stake your ETH in Eth2, make sure you have the necessary hardware requirements, technical expertise, and follow step-by-step instructions using the official Launchpad application developed by the Ethereum Foundation and Codefi Activate and follow the instructions.

Official Phase 0 Deposit Contract Address: 0x00000000219ab540356cbb839cbe05303d7705fa

WARNING: DO NOT SEND ETH TO THIS CONTRACT Sending Eth to this contract address will result in a failed transaction, and does not mean you are staking on Eth2. To stake your ETH in Eth2 you must use the dedicated Launchpad and follow the instructions, or join a number of different staking as a service providers.

Ecosystem Insight

Q1.2021 Ethereum 2 Staking Performance Update

Institutions are earning 8.5% APY for staking on Ethereum 2.0. Cryptocurrency exchanges, funds, and custodians recognize that holding ETH bestows a powerful position within DeFi.