Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Product Pro Ambassador Program, a community initiative that embodies the Consensys mission to advance the adoption of web3 and blockchain technology around the world. 

The Product Pro Ambassador Program is a specialized accelerator designed to support individual professionals in web3 who aspire to build and support community growth through code, content, and education. The program has been designed to foster adoption of web3 products like MetaMask, Linea, and Infura, among other products by creating an organic community of developers building on Ethereum and advocating for decentralization. 

The program offers Ambassadors mentorship, professional development, and education to ensure the opportunity and space to grow into powerful web3 and blockchain professionals. 

Interested in joining? Apply here.

More about the Product Pro Ambassador Program

The Product Pro Ambassador Program seeks to onboard individuals from around the world who are passionate stewards of web3.

We’re calling on individuals who would like to help scale the future of blockchain by leveraging and sharing their knowledge within the web3 ecosystem. 

Ambassadors will enhance the experience of builders using the Consensys product suite by providing valuable feedback, increasing the quality and quantity of educational web content, and ultimately advocating for MetaMask, Infura, Linea, Diligence, Truffle, and more.  

Interested in learning more about the Consensys product suite? Check out The Developer’s Guide to the Web3 Stack

The Benefits of Becoming a Product Pro Ambassador 

There are endless benefits to becoming an Ambassador. Ambassadors will receive developer relations training and direct access to our products and internal stakeholders to cultivate meaningful relationships driven by mutual growth. 

Ambassadors will have exclusive access to all Consensys events with opportunities to represent our product brands at workshops, hackathons, and conferences.

As an Ambassador you’ll have the opportunity to create an impact by educating people on how to build web3 products through various community initiatives. 

Other perks? 

  • Swag (of course!)

  • Mindfulness workshops

  • Customized mentorship

  • Mentorship

  • Early access beta projects and events 

How do Product Pro Ambassadors Contribute?

There are various ways to make meaningful contributions as an Ambassador. Some of them include:

  • Hosting and managing IRL and virtual events

  • Creating and sharing technical content

  • Contributing to open source code repositories 

  • Connecting with the community through Discord, Telegram, and Twitter 

  • Being an official Consensys mentor to community members

The program is flexible in terms of contributions. Anything else depending on the skillset and contribution relevance is welcome. 

Apply to the Product Pro Ambassador Program Today 

The process is easy! Just visit this website here and fill out a short application form. If accepted into the program, someone from our team will be in touch over the next few weeks. 

To support the growth of our Ambassadors, only 50 builders will be chosen for the first cohort. While all applicants may not be accepted, we encourage you to stay engaged with the Consensys community. 

We will be launching a new cohort for the program next quarter. Meaning if you’re not accepted this round, we recommend focusing on developing a strong portfolio of unique content related to Ethereum and Consensys developer tooling and actively participating in Ethereum Meetups and ETH hackathons.