Justin Drake of the Ethereum Foundation and Ben Edgington, Teku Product Lead at Consensys are both deeply involved in the Merge, Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake.

Justin Drake is widely known across the Ethereum ecosystem for his research that informed the Merge specifications. Today he’s focused on security and thinking through the potential attacks Ethereum could be vulnerable to post-Merge.

Ben Edgington has also been part of building “Ethereum 2.0” since it was just a vision; you can read all about that in his Devs Behind the Merge profile. You may already know Ben from his blog, What’s new in Eth2, where he’s been posting bi-weekly updates about the Merge for the last 3.5 years. 

Consensys Community Lead, Francesco Andreoli caught up with both of them at Devconnect to get their insight into how Proof of Stake will upgrade Ethereum and position ETH to become more sound and secure money. Check out their discussion in the below video to learn about: 

  • What is ultra-sound money? 

  • How the updated economics of Ethereum post-Merge will secure the network and its native token, ETH, as an improved foundation for DeFi protocols.   

  • How ETH issuance will change as new supply is minted to cover the energy costs incurred by validators. Post-Merge we’re entering a world of decreasing ETH supply. 

  • How with Proof of Stake Ethereum’s security will come directly from the value of staked ETH. As supply decreases, demand for ETH as collateral will grow. 


How the Merge will make ETH sound and secure money

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