Last month, value transfer on Ethereum reached parity with the Bitcoin blockchain, due in large part to increasing demand for stablecoins. Enterprise interest in public chain development is growing, particularly with the buzz around the Baseline Protocol, Hyperledger Besu, and continued progress on advanced privacy and permissioning capabilities to meet institutional needs. In anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 in coming months, fully-configured Eth2 testnets have gone live, clients are syncing, and the ecosystem has been producing a bunch of resources to help people get educated around staking and validation. With the first-ever Virtual NY Blockchain Week just around the corner, these network milestones will certainly be top of mind as the community rallies to boost DeFi, onboard enterprises, and make the first phase of Eth2 a reality in 2020.


  • 7,181. Live mainnet nodes globally.

  • 96M+. Total unique addresses.

  • 110M+. Total ether supply.

  • 899,459. Peak daily transactions in April.

  • 1,083,318. Smart contracts created in April.

  • 39M+. Successful smart contract calls in April.

  • 16M. The proposed total gas limit of EIP-1559.

  • 1:1. The ratio of Ethereum daily value transfer to Bitcoin daily value transfer in late April.

  • 250+. How many speakers will come together this week for the first-ever Virtual NY Blockchain Week.

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  • 2,828. Total decentralized applications on Ethereum. 

  • 32.28k. Daily active dapp users. 

  • 1,821. Daily active users of MyCryptoHeroes.

  • 79.41k. Transactions of dapp contracts over the past 24 hours.

  • 26. New Ethereum dapps launched in April.

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  • 4k+. Total installs of Diligence's Solidity Visual Auditor extension for VS code.

  • 3.3M+. Truffle Suite lifetime downloads.

  • 7,277. Number of GitHub events that the Gnosis team generated over the last 30 days. 

  • $4.5M+. Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value. 

  • 100,000. Free API requests/day in Infura's Core tier.  

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  • 88%. The liquidity index of Dai on Compound according to DeFi Score.

  • 5. The number of public audits Compound has conducted.

  • $6M+. Uniswap 24 hour volume.

  • $4.3M+. Kyber 24 hour volume.

  • 221k+. Total ETH locked in MakerDAO smart contracts.

  • $820M+. Total USD value locked in DeFi.

  • 182,956. Total Sai holders. 

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  • 80%. The number of institutions actively researching Central Bank Digital Currency.

  • €350M. The total value in security tokens issued by Mata Capital on Consensys Codefi's Assets platform.

  • 75%. The number of enterprise executives exploring blockchain solutions that are either "somewhat likely" or "very likely" to use public blockchains in the future.

  • 2. The number of security audits the Hyperledger Besu team has performed of the project's codebase.

  • 1.4.4. The version of Hyperledger Besu now available to download. 

Ethereum 2.0

  • 64x. A conservative estimate of Eth2's throughput compared to Eth1.

  • 32 ETH. How much ETH validators will stake in Eth2.

  • 16,384. The number of validators required for the Beacon Chain to launch.

  • ~6.5 minutes. How often rewards/penalties are distributed to Eth2 validators (every epoch).

  • 2,048 epochs. How long a validator must serve the network before exiting.

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