The Merge is cause for celebration - a landmark moment in Web3's young history and testament to decentralized software development. The live and seamless network upgrade to Proof of Stake will reduce Ethereum’s carbon footprint by 99.95%, increase security and set the foundation to unlock massive future scale and opportunity. To mark the moment, Consensys is inviting the world to participate in one of the first sustainable NFT drops on Ethereum mainnet.

We want to thank the open community of developers, client teams and researchers for the seven years of dedication and innovation it took to make this transition possible. To commemorate their efforts and share this moment with the community, Consensys commissioned a series of NFT illustrations, depicting elaborately detailed worlds that embody the benefits of the Merge: sustainability, security, and scalability.

The collection, called Regenesis, comes in different editions including an open edition focused on the most important benefit of the Merge: sustainability. The art explores the scale and significance of the Merge, an ambitious re-architecture of the world's largest open programmable blockchain, which makes the network 2000x more energy efficient and positions Ethereum to sustainably support the next generation of Web3 creators and developers. 

Minting will begin the day of the Merge and be open and available to all. This isn't a moment reserved only for crypto insiders and Consensys invites anyone curious about our ecosystem to try Web3-native tools like MetaMask to claim a piece of Ethereum history.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NFT drop:

  • Is this NFT free?
    Yes, this NFT is free; anyone can mint as many as possible via individual transactions. The only cost incurred will be from paying gas fees for every mint. These gas fees can vary significantly based on activity on Ethereum mainnet.

  • What is gas?
    Essentially a transaction fee paid to secure the Ethereum network, gas is the unit of measure for how much computational work is required to process transactions and smart contracts. To learn more about gas, read this user guide.

  • How can I claim the NFT?

    • Connect your MetaMask wallet
      On the day of the Merge, a link to claim the NFT will be posted on the Merge hub, and this will lead you to the claim page where you will be asked to connect your MetaMask wallet.

    • Don’t have a MetaMask wallet?
      You can easily download and install MetaMask and follow the instructions to get set up.

    • Buy Ethereum and add it to your wallet
      In order to pay the gas fee to mint your NFT, you will need to have ETH in your MetaMask wallet. You can easily buy Ethereum directly from MetaMask by following these instructions.

  • How long do I have to claim it?
    The claim window will start on the day of the Merge around 9am EST and will remain open for 72 hours. This answer will be updated as we draw closer to the Merge and get a better sense for exactly when minting can begin.

  • You reference multiple editions, are there other NFTs coming?

    As part of Consensys’ celebration of the Merge, we’ll airdrop the full collection to members of the Protocol Guild as a small token of our appreciation for the years of decentralized coordination and effort making the Merge a reality. 

    These limited edition NFTs were created specifically for this team and will include the team members’ names embedded in the metadata on some of the first blocks of the PoS Ethereum they helped create. 

  • How many open edition NFTs can I claim?
    You may claim as many open edition NFTs as you want while the claim window is open, but can only mint one NFT at a time. 

  • What is the utility?
    This collection is, first and foremost, a set of artistic works celebrating an important technological milestone that we believe will be looked back on as a watershed moment in Web3’s evolution. 

    The open edition art explores the scale and significance of the Merge, its impact on our world and a future built on sustainable foundations by the next generation of Web3 creators and developers. As a piece of technological memorabilia, this NFT collection’s utility solely comes from proving that you were there to celebrate this key milestone in the history of Web3.

  • Who made these NFTs?
    Consensys partnered with Invisible North to design a series of illustrations by artist and illustrator Chris Skinner, the NFT animations were made by Keithcity Group.

  • What do they represent?
    Each version depicts an elaborately detailed world embodying one of the prime benefits of the Merge: sustainability, security, and scalability.

  • Why should I care?
    The Merge is cause for celebration, a landmark moment in web3's young history which promises to unlock the creativity of builders designing new decentralized apps, DAOs and shared utilities for the communities, games, art and causes that inspire them.The Merge is not just a moment for crypto insiders; it is a milestone in the history of the internet. This is an opportunity to own a piece of technological memorabilia proving that you were there to witness and celebrate this breakthrough.

  • Who is Consensys and what do they have to do with the Merge?
    Founded in 2014, Consensys has cultivated a global presence, employing top entrepreneurs, computer scientists, protocol engineers, software developers, and web3 futurists. As one of the largest and most foundational entities in the blockchain technology space, Consensys’ worldwide Mesh of people, projects and companies is building the blockchain industry’s developer tools, decentralized applications, and solutions for enterprises and governments that are determined to harness the power of Ethereum. 

    Consensys believes deeply in the Ethereum project and has assembled a Protocols and R+D team to help drive core development work. Protocol engineers, client teams and applied researchers on four continents have contributed to Ethereum’s decentralized R&D led by the Ethereum Foundation. 

    Over the past two years these teams have quietly driven the roadmap for many of the Merge’s most significant elements: proposing a Beacon Chain spec and formally verifying both the Eth2 spec and its corresponding Deposit Smart Contract, designing Validator Withdrawal mechanisms, helping to shape both EIP 1559 and the Engine API, developing an institutional grade Eth2 staking client (Teku), execution layer client (Hyperledger Besu) and remote signer (Web3Signer) all while participating in critical testnets and regular implementers calls. Our commitment to decentralization and Ethereum is bone deep and we will continue to contribute our people, products and resources to support its evolution. 

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