CODEFI Compliance


An overview of questions and product features relating to Codefi Compliance.

How do I create an account on the Codefi Compliance platform?

Apply for an account by reaching out to the Codefi Compliance team here.

Can I customize compliance settings?

Yes. At Codefi Compliance, we recognize that regulations vary according to jurisdiction. Users may customize compliance settings at the data attribute level, and manage associated risks.

Can I run reports on multiple addresses at one time?

Yes, by using multiple API based queries, multiple addresses reports can be generated at one time.

How do I integrate Codefi Compliance with third party software?

Codefi Compliance software can be accessed through the web application or programmatically through our APIs. We’re onboarding our first API partners so please reach out if you’re interested!

Does Codefi Compliance support stablecoins?

Yes, Codefi Compliance supports most ERC20 based tokens including DAI, TrueUSD, Tether, PaxosUSD, USDC and more. For questions on particular tokens, please contact us here.

Does Codefi Compliance support bitcoin?

While we support over 280k different tokens, Bitcoin support has not formally rolled out yet. If you’d like early access to it, please let us know!

How many types of assets are supported by Codefi Compliance?

Today we support over 280k types of digital assets based on the Ethereum network.