Codefi Activate

Launch, stake, and earn rewards on decentralized networks

Participate in decentralized networks with tools to facilitate the launch, management, and productive use of crypto-assets.


Users, enablers, and creators—connected at last.

Interacting with decentralized networks today can be difficult. Poor user experience, complex data presentation, and a lack of technical infrastructure impedes community participation and network growth. However, active participation in staking and protocol governance remain critical to incentivize optimal user behaviour, build network resilience, and improve performance.

Codefi Activate aligns incentives to catalyze long-term participation. We remove the complexities of participating in decentralized networks by facilitating interactions between three main stakeholders.



Token holders earn rewards for participation as an incentive to contribute to optimal network performance and security. We unify token management and utilization on one dashboard to remove user frictions.

Decentralized Networks

Decentralized networks rely on their communities to validate transactions, participate in protocol governance, and secure the network with tokens. Larger, more engaged communities strengthen network security, performance, and reliability. We educate and build these communities.


Staking-as-a-service providers bridge the gap between token holders and decentralized networks. They enable users to delegate tokens and participate in network activity. We will offer a marketplace that connects staking providers with token holders.

Launching with Activate

  • AirSwap
    Empower the world with frictionless peer-to-peer trading
  • Filecoin
    Decentralized storage for an unstoppable internet.
  • Ethereum 2.0
    Stake on Eth2, earn rewards, and help secure the network.
    Scale the Ethereum network. Stake your SKL tokens and earn rewards.
Product Benefits
For Token Holders

Participate in token launches and earn attractive rewards

Unified platform

Purchase tokens, manage their utilization, and earn rewards all in one place.

Simple oversight

Keep track of network data, events, and transactions to make intuitive and informed decisions.

Staking rewards

Earn rewards for staking your tokens and optimize returns with our educational resources.


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For Decentralized Networks

Build high-performing networks with active and well-educated communities


Enjoy secure network performance with

Proof-of-Use mechanisms.

Activate communities

Cultivate strong token holder communities with educational onboarding processes.


Streamlined network management 

Extract actionable data, make well-informed decisions on network governance, and improve the quality of community engagement.

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For Staking-as-a-Service Providers

Access a global pool of token holders

Staking marketplace

Post your services and connect to active token holder communities.

Core focus

Focus on infrastructure security services while we facilitate onboarding and management.


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Trusted by

Create a frictionless experience for decentralized communities

For Token Holders

Unified Network Dashboard: Connect your wallet, track staked tokens, monitor the status of supported networks, and initiate crypto-native functions such as delegating tokens.

Efficient Token Staking: Stake or delegate your tokens to staking providers, and start earning rewards.

Reliable Rewards Calculator: Calculate projected staking rewards for pre-defined lock-up periods and evaluate profitability.

For Decentralized Networks

Facilitated Launch and Distribution: Run token and network launches complete with new user onboarding, KYC tools, ID verification, payments execution, data analytics, and dutch auction integrations.

Proof-of-Use Mechanism: Minimize speculative intent and maximize regulatory compliance by requiring token holders to use (e.g. stake) their tokens before transferring them for other purposes.

For Staking-as-a-Service Providers

Active Staking Marketplace: Post your services and instantly start earning passive delegation from our community of token holders.

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Learn about decentralized networks, staking, and Ethereum 2.0

Activate Claiming and Staking Guide

This complete guide to DeFi covers everything from the basics of decentralized finance to popular DeFi protocols like Compound, Uniswap, and MakerDAO.


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Launch, stake, and earn rewards on decentralized networks with Codefi Activate