Empowering Charity NFTs with M·A·C VIVA GLAM for the Keith Haring Foundation

Empowering Charity NFTs with M·A·C VIVA GLAM for the Keith Haring Foundation

M·A·C Cosmetics created its first-ever NFT collection in partnership with Consensys featuring the work of late iconic artist and activist, Keith Haring.

• Industry - Fashion & Beauty

• Products - Metamask, ConsenSys NFT

• Use case - NFT for Charities

In honor of National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the VIVA GLAM x Keith Haring NFT collection launched on April 10, 2022 where 100% of primary sale proceeds were donated to the M·A·C VIVA GLAM Fund to support youth impacted by HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, 2.5% of all secondary sale proceeds on OpenSea will go to the Keith Haring Foundation through January 15, 2023.


M·A·C VIVA GLAM was created in 1994, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, by Frank Toskan and the late Frank Angelo, the original founders of the brand, who saw the HIV/AIDS epidemic directly affecting their community. They came up with a very simple, yet powerful concept: Make a lipstick and dedicate 100% of the selling price to organizations directly serving people affected by HIV/AIDS.

About the Keith Haring Foundation

Established by the artist in 1989, the Keith Haring Foundation perpetuates Haring’s artistic and philanthropic legacy through the preservation and circulation of his artwork and archives, and by providing grants to children in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS.Thanks to this powerful mission and support from the M·A·C community, the campaign has raised over half a billion dollars for organizations all over the world helping women and girls, the LGBTQIA+ community and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

M·A·C’s first ever dab into the metaverse

The limited-edition NFT collection features three animations of M·A·C VIVA GLAM lipsticks decorated with Haring’s most famous artwork and was minted on National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to support healthy futures and equal rights for all.Created in partnership with Consensys, three types of NFTs with different rarity levels and price points attracted a diverse and inclusive range of consumers.

  • Keith Haring Red – Rare ($25 each up to 5,000 pieces minted on demand): Animated illustration of red lipstick featuring Haring’s artwork.

  • Keith Haring Blue – Exclusive (250 total pieces at $150 each): Animated illustration of blue lipstick featuring Haring’s artwork. Rare NFTs also include a digital face chart tutorial of a Keith Haring-inspired makeup look created by a M·A·C Senior Artist.

  • Keith Haring Yellow – Icon (25 total pieces at $1000 each): Animated illustration of yellow lipstick featuring Haring’s artwork. Legendary NFTs also provide access to a 30-minute personalized M·A·C Artist consultation and complementary physical product.

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“This is exciting in so many ways. First, it is M·A·C’s first ever dab into the metaverse and the world of NFTs and we are thrilled to anchor it to giving back to a cause so close to the heart and soul of the brand”

Aïda Moudachirou-Rebois - Global Chief Marketing Officer, M·A·C Cosmetics.

A successful NFT Drop to welcome new joiners in the Web3 world

Highlight #1 NFTs for ALL: A seamless experience to welcome new users

A seamless experience to welcome new users
One of the main highlights of this drop was to give non-crypto-native users the opportunity to step into the Web3 space without owning any crypto at all. This was possible through the simple four step buying process.

Highlight #2 Minting on Demand: An optimized solution

Minting on Demand: An optimized solution. In this drop, an on-demand minting engine was used, allowing NFTs to be minted only when they were purchased and then requested by the user. There was no M·A·C or Consensys wallet that contained and maintained all the NFTs not yet sold. The advantage of this approach is that maximum scarcity can be defined before the collection launch, and actual scarcity may be greater if the collection is not sold out at the time minting closes. This could lead to a significant value increase on the secondary NFT market.

Highlight #3: Low-energy blockchain: Sustainable minting and lower fees

Low-energy blockchain: Sustainable minting and lower fees. This drop used the Polygon blockchain, one of the most widely used blockchains at the time due to its low environmental impact and dramatic reduction in carbon footprint. Many important NFT projects are currently relying on this technology. MetaMask allows users to manage tokens/assets minted on Polygon without any complexities, even for users not familiar with the crypto world.

Reaching a new audience with Consensys

For MAC VIVA GLAM, this drop provided a new domain to scale the VIVA Glam fund and tap into a new audience. This allowed their community to experience NFTs, without prior knowledge or owning crypto. The Web3 movement starts with a purpose. Charitable NFTs

“VIVA GLAM is as iconic to M·A·C as our lipsticks and as our relationship with technology evolves as a society, we must also expand how we fundraise for the campaign. This will be the first-time in VIVA GLAM’s 27-year history that fans and supporters in the U.S. will be able to contribute to VIVA GLAM without buying a physical lipstick.”

André Branch - M·A·C Cosmetics General Manager, North America.

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