DeFi Solutions for Institutions and Crypto Enterprises

As of May 2021, the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem has surpassed US$60 billion in collateral. Cryptocurrency exchanges, funds, decentralized projects, and financial institutions seek to engage and capitalize on opportunities created by this new economic system. ConsenSys offers several software solutions to facilitate entry and participation in DeFi.

Access the entire DeFi ecosystem with institutional trading features

The Problem

As the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem grows by billions of dollars each week in collateral, cryptocurrency funds, family offices, and financial institutions increasingly seek exposure and access to the diverse decentralized finance opportunities that compose Web3. To keep up with the pace of DeFi innovation, institutions require safe, secure, and efficient investment and operational processes.

The Solution

MetaMask Institutional gives institutional investors access to the DeFi ecosystem through the most trusted and used wallet. We enable funds to easily swap tokens, borrow, lend, invest, and interact with DeFi protocols and applications directly using the MetaMask interface—upgraded to include enterprise security, operation, and reporting features to power a professional DeFi experience.

With MetaMask Institutional, institutional investors achieve unrivaled access to decentralized applications with native integration, enterprise-grade security, and robust compliance features to create secure and efficient processes for institutional workflows.

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Earn rewards with ETH staking

The Problem

To date, over 20 million ETH has been staked and to secure the Ethereum network. However, maintaining validator operations and infrastructure without interruption remains a challenge.

The Solution

Consensys Staking runs your validators safely and effectively, so that you collect more rewards and reduce risks of slashing and downtime. But our track record will tell you more than we ever could:

  • Key Metrics
    • 24,000+ Hosted Ethereum Validators
    • $1.3bn+ Value of ETH Staked
    • 99.9%+ Validator Participation Rate
    • 0 Slashed 
    • 4% Share of All ETH Staked
    • 2+ Years in production since the beginning of ETH staking
  • Trust and Security Measures
    • Self-Custodial: Your tokens stay in your control 
    • No Single Point of Failure: We operate diverse validator clients and distributed infrastructure hosted across multiple regions and cloud providers
    • SOC2 Type II Certification
    • Real-time Monitoring: Monitor consistent validator performance 
    • 24/7 Customer and technical support
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Build your DeFi applications on trusted infrastructure

The Problem

While cryptocurrency exchanges need to facilitate token trades, liquidity management, and new pool creation; exchange aggregators need to source on-chain prices, query user balances, and track the state of user transactions. In order to accomplish this, they need to pull an array of information from smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This data is used to inform pricing between pairs, user balances, and swap rates. 

Crypto exchanges and exchange aggregators need reliable infrastructure to access this data, in addition to scaling capabilities in order to meet large request volumes.

The Solution

The Infura API suite helps cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap and exchange aggregators like Paraswap meet the data demands of their users, with easy integration and high volume scaling capabilities.

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Featured Insight Report

DeFi and Web3 for Organizations

The institutional DeFi world is at an incredibly exciting moment in its adoption cycle. The time is ripe for your organization to learn about the experience of first movers, the emerging opportunities in the DeFi space, and how best to start engaging.

DeFi Products for Institutions by ConsenSys

  • MetaMask Institutional
    MetaMask Institutional offers unrivaled access to DeFi and Web3 without compromising on institution-required security, operational efficiency, or compliance requirements.
  • Consensys Staking
    Consensys Staking enables crypto exchanges and financial institutions to earn optimized rewards for staking on Ethereum.
  • Infura
    Instant scalable API access to the Ethereum, Ethereum 2.0, IPFS, and Filecoin networks. Our world-class infrastructure allows developers to reliably scale decentralized applications to meet user demand.
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