DAOs and Web3 Governance Participation

Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, embody the spirit of decentralization, self-sovereignty, and community—all crucial to Ethereum. Consensys enables wider participation in ecosystem governance through DAO creation and participation.

DAOs Powered by Consensys

In the evolution of Web3, DAOs are a foundational element in the narrative of decentralization. Contrary to traditional, centralized organizations where decision making is concentrated at the top, DAOs use smart contracts to give each participating member a voice.

Since the dawn of Ethereum, Consensys has built tools and communities that unlock the power of Web3. We have furthered decentralization by creating systems that give power back to users. All this time decentralization has been the north star guiding our evolution.

Village DAO Village DAO
Village DAO

Village DAO is the first decentralized customer care platform for Web3. It mobilizes communities into tokenized customer care teams to help humanity unlock Web3.

Education DAO

Education DAO

Education DAO is a platform that provides the tools and structure to create a self-sustaining, self-governing Web3 learning community. It will enable students to ‘learn Web3 by doing Web3’.

Sandbox DAO

Sandbox DAO

Sandbox DAO is an internal Consensys DAO that aims to create a safe space for Consensys employees to learn and experiment with what it means to be a part of a DAO.


“Web3 is a movement that combines innovations in technology with a revolution in social organization. Decentralized, computational blockchains have given us encoded property rights, payment systems, and financial markets on which to build a new digital economy. Decentralized autonomous organizations and community NFTs are leading us towards new ways of working together, creatively collaborating with each other, and growing from the fruits of our labor. In our cryptoeconomic work, Consensys is marrying the quantitative approaches of mechanism design with the qualitative art of balancing governance, participation, and community empowerment.”

Lex Sokolin

Head Economist at Consensys

Why Participate in Governance?

The massive growth of the Web3 ecosystem has brought new players, some of whom bring with them traditional ideas of centralization. Their focus is to extract maximum value from Web3 communities, rather than to strengthen and serve them.

Many of these extractive agents are appearing in the most crucial layer of our ecosystem: its governance. ConsenSys takes a leading role in governance to ensure that growth in the ecosystem does not hamper the founding principles of Ethereum.

What is Consensys’ Web3 Contribution Policy?

A key goal for Consensys is to bring more users into the Web3 ecosystem. As a leader in the industry, that initiative starts at home.

  • At Consensys, we value diversity of background and opinion. We do this by welcoming employees who come from industries other than Web3.
  • We enable expertise in the ecosystem through participation. Every Consensys employee can make use of DAO days, which are dedicated days for them to learn and participate in DAOs and other Web3 initiatives.

Cryptoeconomic Research

Web3 Governance Web3 Governance
Web3 Governance

Reports that summarize the most important governance events across major on-chain protocols. We highlight significant proposals, voting metrics, protocol and ecosystem impact, and key takeaways.

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Token Engineering and DAO Design Token Engineering and DAO Design
Token Engineering and DAO Design

Reports that give investors insight into the token economics of various projects within a specific subcategory of crypto—including an overview of the project and token utility.

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