Download the Q4 Ethereum DeFi Report

A review and analysis of DeFi protocols and performance in Q4 2020 by ConsenSys Codefi.


Even as the “DeFi summer” cooled, the breadth of invention and adoption of DeFi kept pace in Q4 of 2020, building on all the major themes of this year: the swift rise of stablecoins, the new types of assets seeking the liquidity of Ethereum, and the growth of new types of financial products, marketplaces for unique art, and even community based social tokens.

This report covers the main DeFi trends in Q4 2020 and what we are anticipating in 2021:

  • The swift rise of stablecoins
  • Bitcoin on Ethereum
  • Filecoin on Ethereum
  • What will it take for centralized finance to embrace decentralized finance?
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Social Money for Communities and Creators
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Flash Loans and Flash Swaps
  • Tranche lending products
  • Eth2 derivatives
  • DeFi on Ethereum Layer 2 and other protocols
  • CBDCs: What happens when fiat currency lands on mainnet?