Download the CBDC and Future of Digital Money Whitepaper


This paper provides an overview of the history and current state of CBDC as well as an example of how a CBDC could be designed and built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main topics covered include:

  • Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and the rise of digital money
  • Introduction to central bank digital currencies
  • Benefits of digital currencies for central banks and the economy
  • Requirements for successful implementation of CDBC
  • Proposed architecture for Ethereum-based central bank money

Authors: Matthieu Bouchaud, Tom Lyons, Matthieu Saint Olive, Ken Timsit

Contributors: Shailee Adinolfi, Benjamin Calmejane, Guillaume Dechaux, Faustine Fleuret, Vanessa Grellet, Joyce Lai, Monica Singer