Innovation Lab

Exploring uncharted Web3 territory

We are on a mission to gather, prototype, and spread new ideas that will further the adoption of Web3 and other decentralization technologies.

You can think of us as ConsenSys astronauts wandering the ethers on a space ship, in search of new concepts to bring back to our home planet. The pioneers, builders, and designers deeply enthralled by the metaverse.


We seek ideas, feedback, and collaboration from the voyagers we meet on our expeditions. And while it may be rocket science, we distill our approach to get from zero to one:

Curate ideas
Design provable concepts
Develop prototypes
Run live experiments


As part of our journey, we scan our ecosystem and we are on the lookout for emerging trends and new ideas across the cryptospheres and metaverses.

NFT applications and tools

Metaverse and gaming experiences

DAOs and governance tools

Decentralized social media and communication tools

Wallets and portfolio dashboards

Cross-chain and layer2 bridges


You don't need a rocket ship to follow our journey. Check the links below to learn more about our recent explorations.

Project Crystal Ball
Status: Under Development
Project Crystal Ball

An NFT analytics and valuation prototype that goes beyond rarity scores and floor prices

Status: Archived
Project Soro

A web3 wallet designed with familiar web2 patterns to onboard and educate mainstream users

Voyagers wanted! 🚀

If you want to explore the frontier with us, we’ve got room on our spaceship…

Director of Global Taxation
Engineering Manager
EMEA - Remote, UNITED STATES - Remote
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