Ethereum evolved: Dencun

Get ready for the next major milestone in scaling Ethereum with
Cancun-Deneb–the latest upgrade to the Ethereum protocol. Pick your journey below to learn more.

Consensys presents

Ethereum, Evolved.

Since the genesis block, Consensys has contributed to the Ethereum protocol becoming more sustainable, scalable, and secure for builders around the world.

Consensys has partnered with core devs, NFT artists, L2 network providers, and more to prepare the Ethereum community for yet another upgrade, Dencun.

"Blobs elevate Ethereum’s scalability, dawning the era of cheaper transactions"

— Gabriel Trintinalia, Senior Protocol Engineer at Consensys
Multimedia series

What Is The Dencun Upgrade?

The Dencun Upgrade is the next upgrade in the Ethereum roadmap that introduces proto-danksharding, also known as EIP-4844.

Hear from EIP-authors, core devs, and L2s operators from across the ecosystem to learn exactly what the upgrade entails and how the protocol is set to evolve.

Education Series

Understanding Ethereum Network Upgrades

Using Dencun as an example, EducationDAO teaches how Ethereum governance intersects with Ethereum technical upgrades, how the two are related, and the processes that take place in order to keep Ethereum running while implementing network upgrades.

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Understanding Ethereum Network Upgrades Education Series
Events Linea

Voyage Waypoint: The Road to Dencun

The Road to Dencun is a series of 20+ global meetups running from January to March 2024. Each meetup is hosted IRL by local community leads, bringing Linea community members to celebrate what Dencun means to Linea, Layer2s and Ethereum at large. For more Linea community events, visit Linea’s ecosystem activations page.