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The BUIDL Network

A global initiative supporting the Ethereum developer community and the people behind Web3 technology.

What Is the BUIDL Network?

The BUIDL Network is an Ethereum developer community. Its members are advocates, startups, entrepreneurs, and fans of Ethereum and blockchain technology. Each group hosts meetups that support the education and personal development of its members. We hope to be the front line in enabling a decentralized future.

The Definition of “BUIDL”

BUIDL | bidl | verb

  1. Building useful blockchain-based products and services that utilize smart contracts and have the ability to democratize technology for people of all races, genders, and cultures.

  2. Developing blockchain projects on every layer of the Ethereum network, from protocols and infrastructure to dapps and design​.

About the BUIDL Network Community and Events

Membership is always free and open to anyone who wants to join. The BUIDL network holds almost 600 free blockchain events per year. BUIDL community events focus on three core concepts:

  • Ethereum education

  • Infrastructure and dapp development

  • Ethereum developer community engagement and support

BUIDL By the Numbers

  • 63k+ Members

  • 85+ Meetup Groups

  • 40+ Countries Represented

BUIDL Ambassadors

BUIDL Ambassadors are part of a global network of blockchain community leaders who are ushering in the decentralized future. The ambassadors nurture community development and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology through face-to-face, real-life interactions with other members.

As a BUIDL Ambassador you can:

  • Establish yourself as an authority on blockchain technology

  • Develop and deliver quality content that engages your community in new ways

  • Gain access to the BUIDL network and connect with like-minded people from around the world

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