Article Yinkore: The Digital Artist Bridging Law, Art, and Web3


October 25, 2023


Kingsley Okonkwo

Yinkore: The Digital Artist Bridging Law, Art, and Web3

In the heart of Abuja, Nigeria, Yinkore stands at the nexus of tradition and transformation. A lawyer turned digital artist, her story is a reflection of courage, adaptability, and the infinite opportunities the web3 space offers through NFTs.

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"My name is Yinkore, and I’m a lawyer and digital artist who lives and works in Nigeria," she began. "I love to paint black women and our experience and I’ve been active in the web3 space for about 2 years now."

From the legal halls of a reputed law firm to the unbounded digital canvas, Yinkore's pivot into web3 and NFTs wasn't a product of meticulous planning, but rather an intriguing blend of serendipity and her unique talent.

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Creating a safe space for black women in her NFT art

“In 2021, I quit my job as a lawyer in a reputable law firm. At that point, I had no plan and no money. My friend gave me a Foundation invite, which was hard to come by. In just two days, I’d sold two art pieces for more than what my yearly salary at that law firm would have been.”

Such opportunities, largely exclusive to the web3 environment, arise from its democratized nature. This evolution emphasizes a user-centric approach where individuals possess and exercise greater autonomy over their personal data and identity, connecting with their audience directly and sidestepping traditional intermediaries.

Her art, however, is not just about aesthetics but carries a profound message. “Ultimately, I’m trying to build a safe space for black women to explore our experience," she shared. 

"Often, the web3 space focuses on identities that are not ours. I aim to create a space for that, so my art zooms in on the representation of black women, tackling aspects of our mental health, sexuality, and culture.” 

Much of Yinkore's artistry beautifully incorporates facets of Nigerian culture. Take, for instance, the Si éré series which shines a light on the Ijaw tribal fisherwomen. Pieces such as “Comfort Foods” and “Exchange” vividly capture the essence of Nigerian market scenes. 

A recurring theme in her work is the lived experience of black women. Through her art, she portrays women in moments of relaxation and self-expression of their sexuality, while also highlighting the challenges they face in what she describes as a male-dominated society.

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The empowering shift from web2 to web3 NFTs

The transition from web2 to web3 revolutionized Yinkore's reach. “The essence of web3 is the globalized audience and market. Last year, my work was showcased on a billboard in Times Square and in a gallery museum in Paris, all while I was at home in Abuja. Such an opportunity would be distant in the web2 world. I strive to ensure that such chances are available to others, so a significant portion of my earnings is reinvested into my community, ensuring they have access to funds and opportunities."

As a beacon for aspiring artists and enthusiasts looking to venture into the web3 domain, Yinkore's advice is candid. "Find other points of entry. Many believe art is the only gateway to web3, but numerous opportunities abound within this space. Do your research and be consistent. Cryptocurrency isn’t a get-rich-quick avenue; it demands hard work."

An inspiring chronicle of metamorphosis enabled by web3

One of Yinkore's most recent triumphant tales is her collaboration with wild xyz. “I had a daunting task ahead – hand painting a hundred different pieces in less than six months," she recalls. "I harbored concerns about the reception, especially with the unpredictable crypto market. Yet, to my astonishment, all pieces sold out in under three days, even during a crypto downturn. It was monumental for me.”

Yinkore's narrative is an inspiring chronicle of metamorphosis. From the sturdy corridors of law to the dynamic realm of digital art, she proves that with passion and persistence, boundaries blur, and horizons expand. Her mission continues, fostering spaces where black women can resonate, reflect, and reimagine their tales, all against the vibrant backdrop of web3's limitless canvas.