has announced the launch of TrustVault Personal Accounts for United Kingdom domiciled individuals to secure their Ether. TrustVault Accounts offer ease of use, the highest possible level of cryptoasset security available today, and excellent performance. The technology uses a mix of customised hardware security modules in ultra-secure data centres and sophisticated key management that takes advantage of the ultra-safe secure enclave on the user’s iPhone.
TrustVault Accounts solve the pressing and complex problem of keeping cryptoassets safe. While blockchain offers many possibilities, it also poses new challenges. Existing solutions developed by the blockchain industry to date require asset owners to make compromises between security, usability and performance. TrustVault Accounts, however, provide the best of both worlds by safeguarding private keys against cyber and physical threats while allowing asset owners to transact in near real-time.
“We are extremely excited to launch a service that truly solves one of the largest problems in the blockchain industry - how to conveniently manage cryptoassets without compromising on speed or security,” says Alex Batlin,


’s founder and CEO. “Upcoming, Trustology will work to support additional cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens as well as a geographic expansion and launch of TrustVault Business Accounts.”
Joseph Lubin,


Founder, adds, “It's Crypto Spring 2019, and when it comes to crypto wallets, hot is the new cold. Industrial grade security, but available to anyone. This is the kind of user experience breakthrough our industry has been clamoring for.”
Trustology also offers TrustVault as a Service, where the company will operate client accounts on behalf of financial institutions.
Cryptoasset owners who are interested in an early adopter TrustVault Personal Account are encouraged to start their application by installing

TrustVault app

from the Apple UK App Store.

About Trustology:

Trustology is developing technology and services to help private, corporate and institutional clients secure their cryptoassets. Headquartered in London, Trustology was founded in 2017 by experts in global banking and technology. Trustology was featured in the FinTech50 Hot 10 and is backed by Consensys , a global blockchain company, and Two Sigma Ventures , an early-stage venture capital fund of Two Sigma. Trustology aims to create the most compelling cryptoassets company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to cryptoassets, in the belief that their use will pioneer new ways to create greater wealth. For more information,visit




[email protected]