Christmas is upon us, and Mintbase is here to spread the Yuletide cheer with the first-ever Virtual NFT Advent Calendar.

What is a Holiday Calendar?

Also called an Advent calendar, this calendar counts the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. The Advent Calendar first appeared in Germany at the end of the 19th century. The word “advent” is derived from the Latin word for “arrival” — adventus. Although blockchains tend towards agnosticism, everyone, no matter the religion or creed, can partake in the countdown to Christmas—particularly if there’s chocolate involved.

Thanks to capitalism, retailers around the world have harkened upon this opportunity to sell Christmas calendars around virtually every theme. There are 24 days of stationery sets, 24 days of Lego Star Wars, 24 days of Icelandic Gin, and outrageously priced Luxury Jewelry Calendars. If you don’t happen to have USD 136,526 laying around for a box of jewelry, check out Mintbase’s NFT Christmas Calendar.

It’s free to enter, free to play, and offers the chance to win some unique NFTs.

What are NFTs/ERC-721s?

ERC-721 is a free, open standard that describes how to build non-fungible or unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. While most tokens are fungible (every token is the same and can be interchanged with every other token), ERC-721 tokens are all unique, non-fungible, assets.

The ERC721 standard tracks ownership and movements of individual tokens on Ethereum, which enables the chain to recognize their non-fungibility. Think of NFTs as rare, one-of-a-kind collectables, unlike a box of mass-produced box of chocolate.

How it works

  • Download Metamask: Blockchain browser

  • Enter Mintbase’s virtual headquarters (335W,116N) at 5 PM CET every day until Santa comes. Battle it out with around 20 virtual players from around the world to receive the daily Christmas NFT.

  • Look around the virtual space, and follow clues to a link that leads you to the daily prize. Be quick, first come, first served!

  • Once you found the link, sign with your ETH address, or follow the instructions to verify yourself.

  • Winners are announced shortly after 5 PM CET in the virtual HQ as well as on Twitter.

Prizes Up For Grabs

Mintbase’s Christmas NFTs are linked to a real-life Christmas gift. For example, Gnosis offered a one-month membership to the Full Node coworking space in Berlin, and Nonce offered a two-week pass to their coworking community in Seoul, Korea. Unwanted NFTs can be sold on NFT exchange OpenSea. If you’re too slow to get the main prize (like I was), Mintbase sometimes has a collection of free mints for the slowpokes.

Crypto Artwork by Max Osiris.

Artwork by BlackBox.Art.

One-month membership to Full Node

December 1 - Chainbreakers awarded a Katana Sword
December 2 - Nanosatellites awarded NFT satellite images
December 3 - Mlibty awarded Crypto skateboards (NFT crypto art)
December 4 - Gnosis awarded a one-month membership pass for Full Node
December 5 - Max Osiris + Sparrow gave out NFT art pieces (above)
December 6 - Kickback awarded 5 tokens which allow promoters to set up events for free
December 7 - Nonce awarded a two-week membership pass at their coworking space in Seoul, South Korea
December 8 - The Defiant gave out a 1-year newsletter subscription
December 9 - Portis awarded exclusive membership

Tune in the rest of the week to see what the rest of the NFT Christmas Calendar has in store!

Compatible Wallets

Any NFT (ERC-721) enabled wallet works. Tokens can be sent to a customers' wallet when they choose to use any Ethereum wallet where they control the private keys with ERC-721 NFT collectible support. Two great options are MetaMask and the Trust Wallet.

These non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens can be sent to any ERC-721 exchanges and traded for any other assets outside of the Mintbase application or can be sent to a friend as a thank you for watering your plants while you were on vacation.

About Mintbase:
Mintbase is committed to use cases that link NFTs to real-world assets, including tickets to an event, a coworking membership, art, or anything imaginable. The first minted NFTs on the Mintbase platform were tickets to MetaCartel’s demo day at Berlin Blockchain Week 2019. Forty-nine tickets were sold for an average price of $23.

Recently launched on mainnet, Mintbase allows users to mint an NFT and to link that NFT to a real-world asset backed by them. On Mintbase, users can create a smart contract, mint tokens, burn tokens, airdrop tokens to multiple addresses, and connect them to NFT exchange OpenSea. Mintbase takes a 2% fee when you sell an item on Mintbase. There is no charge fee for hodling, or selling it on the OpenSea.

Nate Geier | CEO of Mintbase

Nate unloaded his life into storage in Portland, Oregon, in March of 2018. Since then, Nate has blockchain community-hopped from Lisbon to Paris, Budapest, Croatia, Bali, Sumatra, Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Prague, Budapest, Cape Town, and has temporarily settled in Berlin. Previously, Nate worked with a clearing firm at a broker-dealer, fractionalizing publicly-traded stock based on user’s everyday purchases with their debit or credit card. Nate also helped push Nike to rebuild its million-dollar a day application, NikeiD to React and Redux, when React was still in beta. Nate also won first prize for Marketplace at the Devcon4 Status Hackathon.

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