The moment we’ve all been waiting for is “around the corner”: The Merge. Ethereum’s upgrade from a Proof of Work consensus mechanism to Proof of Stake (PoS) will make the network more energy efficient, scalable, secure, and decentralized. 

Being more decentralized means PoS will democratize network participation and more equitably distribute rewards through new incentive mechanisms, validators, and innovations. Part of this decentralization means you don’t need to be super technical to make a difference in improving Ethereum. Whether you’re an OG validator, first-time staker, or just Web3-curious, this blog outlines how you can start testing the Merge and play a role in making the merge to Proof of Stake a seamless transition, while earning rewards. 

The importance of testing The Merge

One of the best experiences of being part of a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem building the world’s super computer  —Ethereum — is witnessing first-hand the incredible initiative and creativity that arise when people are unbound (unlike in traditional, hierarchical organizations). This principle becomes increasingly important for a project as vital as merging to Proof of Stake. 

The Kiln testnet has been live for several weeks, but it still needs more test contracts and transactions on the network to ensure core developers can spot vulnerabilities or errors before initiating the merge on Ethereum’s mainnet. The overall “Ethereum 2.0” upgrade has been in the works for over four years and with the end in sight, it’s crucial we continue to come together as a community to test the Merge. #TestingTheMerge

Seeing the various initiatives emerge to help testing has been inspiring. The Merge Testing Leaderboard created by Consensys’ Hyperledger Besu Product Manager, Sajida Zouarhi, is a great example as it archives all those contributing to testing. 

Another project started by Only Dust was recently launched to get all hands on deck for testing that includes an NFT reward.

Ready to get testing and claim your rewards?

Remember. No technical experience required. You just need a MetaMask account and to follow the steps below. 

How to test The Merge on the Kiln Testnet

Step one. 

Go to the Kiln homepage and connect your MetaMask to the Kiln testnet. 

Step two. 

Once your MetaMask is connected to the Kiln network, you will need to get some test-ETH from a faucet. Here are two options:

Step three.

As soon as you have your test-ETH, start using it! 

Girlfriends (GFs) is a clone of the popular Loot NFT project for Kiln testers you can use to mint. 

Only Dust is keeping track of the Kiln test transaction at block 565505 (about 22:45 EST on May 28th) and everybody who has done one will receive one or several Merge NFTs. You can find complete details on the rewards here.

If you prefer test mining instead of minting, you can start mining directly from the Kiln PoW Faucet:

You can test mining for as little or long as you like, but the goal is to submit as many transactions as possible. Click “Stop Mining” to claim your reward. It only takes a few seconds to process. 

Keep up with the Merge 

We hope this blog has helped inspired your participation in #TestingTheMerge. For regular updates and news on the Merge, visit the Consensys Merge Knowledge Base, where you’ll also find Eth2 archives with key milestones achieved and other essential resources for developers.