Consensys Diligence is now offering smart contract auditing through TURN, the first open marketplace for buyers and sellers of security auditing.

Consensys Diligence is excited to share that we will be offering our smart contract auditing service through TURN, the first NFT for tokenizing services, such as Diligence's smart contract security auditing service. TURN which stands for Time-Unit Representative NFTs was born from a shared vision for a more secure Web3 that advances the free market economy on Ethereum. 

TURN is an ERC721-compatible token that represents an indivisible amount of time in which a smart contract auditor can provide their services. TURNs are especially crafted to allow optimal price discovery of service engagements and scheduling processes. Each TURN represents 40 hours of time with a smart contract auditor and they allow the free markets to price it.

Diligence & TURN Token

After overwhelming demand for our smart contract auditing services, we are excited and eager to use the TURN token to encourage greater opportunity and better incentives for smart contract audit providers, as well as clearer terms, prices, and expectations for buyers. Through fair market price discovery, TURN token will be the first of its kind to quantify the immense value of smart contract and blockchain security audits. 

How do people use Diligence TURN Token?

Our first public auction will be open from August 15th, 2022 at 12:00pm UTC - August 19th, 2022 at 12:00pm UTC at The Diligence TURN token should be awarded to clients directly or sold at mint-time. The usability of Diligence TURNs is meant to be limited. Diligence TURNs should be redeemable by any of its users directly in the TURN platform (provided they comply with the current token terms of service) and only to be provided by the issuer. 

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