Article NAVH 2023 Finale: A Consensys Journey of Web3 Innovation and Collaboration


September 28, 2023


Kelsey Ruiz

NAVH 2023 Finale: A Consensys Journey of Web3 Innovation and Collaboration

Not Another Virtual Hackathon 2023 (NAVH) kicked off September 6th and concludes October 6th. Here is the recap.

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For the past three months, the world witnessed a remarkable reunion of visionaries, developers, artists, students, community builders, and futurists. The occasion? The first Consensys virtual hackathon: Not Another Virtual Hackathon, also known as NAVH. The goal of the hackathon was to empower web3 builders worldwide, and  collectively shape the next generation of the internet. The NAVH journey and results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

A Global Assembly of Web3 Builders

NAVH proved to be a truly international affair, transcending geographical boundaries and bringing together a diverse cohort of 1,600 builders from an astonishing 107 countries. From Kenya to Brazil, the global convergence showcased the universal appeal of web3 and the power of collective innovation.

72 New Projects Using MetaMask SDK, MetaMask Snaps, Linea and Infura

At the heart of this hackathon were the ambitious projects leveraging the Consensys software suite including Infura, MetaMask SDK, MetaMask Snaps, and Linea. Each submission representing a unique glimpse into the future of the decentralized web. The hackathon received a staggering number of project submissions, totaling 72. These submissions spanned a wide spectrum of ideas, from privacy-preserving tools to blockchain-based language learning platforms. Let's take a moment to recognize some of the standout projects and their builders.

Team Schedl3: Building Pseudonymous Tools

  • Project Name: SCHEDL3

  • Project Description: Schedl3 is an open-source privacy-preserving scheduler, reminiscent of, and designed for those who value their online anonymity. This tool promises to usher in a new era of pseudonymous scheduling.

Team: zkUSD

  • Project Name: zkUSD

  • Project Description: zkUSD introduces a privacy-focused stablecoin built on the Linea platform. With a focus on security and efficiency, it is set to transform DeFi transactions, offering users a reliable and private means of conducting financial activities.

Team: HackerDev

  • Project Name: HackerDev

  • Project Description: Verbal, the brainchild of HackerDev, is an innovative Decentralized Application (DApp) that aims to revolutionize language learning. This project demonstrates the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the realm of education.

Team: Willem Olding

  • Project Name: ProofBoy

  • Project Description: ProofBoy offers a compelling demonstration of how complex games, like a Gameboy emulator, can be proven on-chain using fraud proofs. This project showcases the limitless possibilities of blockchain in the gaming industry.

Team: Aspiring Web3 Developers

  • Project Name: Transport DAO

  • Project Description: Transport DAO is a groundbreaking solution for road incident management and traffic congestion reduction. Powered by Infura and various Web3 ecosystem tools, it leverages crowdsourcing and information sharing for safer and more efficient roads. This project marries Metamask SDK with Unity and Linea for a truly immersive experience.

Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration

As NAVH draws to a close, we’re celebrating not only the winners but also the spirit of innovation and collaboration that fueled this remarkable hackathon. The projects showcased at NAVH are just a glimpse of the incredible work that transpired over the past three months. It is evident that the web3 ecosystem is thriving and evolving, thanks to the dedication and creativity of builders from around the world.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners who made NAVH 2023 a resounding success! Your contributions have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the decentralized web space, and we eagerly anticipate the impact your innovations will have on the future of the internet. Until the next hackathon, keep building, keep innovating, and keep dreaming of a decentralized future that knows no bounds.