At MetaMask Institutional (MMI), we seek to drastically improve how organizations access and engage with web3. Over the last two years, we have built features in service of our goal to bridge all organizations into the web3 ecosystem. Today, we are pleased to step closer to this goal with the launch of a more powerful version of our web3 portfolio dashboard. 

Our updated dashboard offers a range of cutting-edge tools that will enable organizations to better manage how they interact with web3. These tools include institutional controls, portfolio management, digital asset monitoring, and in-depth transaction reporting, all in one place. 

In this blog, we dive into what’s new, how these features impact users, and how they redefine the institutional web3 experience.

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Portfolio Management

On our web3 portfolio dashboard, organizations are now able to swap crypto and stake ETH seamlessly within the dashboard interface.

Swap crypto

The MMI dashboard allows users to identify the best priced quote for their swap by pooling liquidity data from multiple aggregators, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and automated market makers (AMMs). This allows organizations to take advantage of optimal gas prices, and transact with some of the lowest failure rates.

MMI’s swap feature provides users with a simplified experience, enabling them to swap any ERC-20 token across multiple DEXs. This feature was previously only accessible through the MMI browser extension.

Stake ETH

Perhaps the most significant upgrade within the MMI portfolio dashboard is the launch of the first institutional ETH staking marketplace. Previously, choosing the right staking service provider could be challenging for organizations due to the complexities between different providers’ infrastructure configurations (multi-cloud, multi-region, and multi-client), certifications, reporting standards, fee structures, and terms and conditions (T&C). 

MMI addresses this complexity by simplifying vendor selection and streamlining access to four top-tier institutional staking providers with standardized T&Cs, comprehensive reporting templates, and a significantly simplified staking experience. 

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Today, organizations can choose to stake their ETH with Allnodes, Blockdaemon, Consensys, and Kiln from within the MMI portfolio dashboard, and earn rewards for securing the Ethereum blockchain. Once withdrawals are activated by the Shanghai/Capella Upgrade in April, organizations will be able to withdraw from within the dashboard as well.

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Digital Asset Monitoring

Digital asset monitoring on the MMI portfolio dashboard allows organizations to see a consolidated view of their web3 assets across all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains in one place. 

See Performance and P&L Attribution

The dashboard allows organizations to see their portfolio’s performance and profit & loss attribution for all ERC-20 tokens and 10 of the largest DeFi protocols—a feature that is uniquely offered by MMI. 

We do this by using our transaction simulator and DeFi adapters to simulate the selling of the token of a liquidity provider (LP), to break up the LP token into its underlying supplied tokens within a position. We also determine the claimed and unclaimed rewards of the positions. This allows organizations to understand the value of their DeFi positions, including the profit or loss and performance of their positions at all times. 

See performance of your digital assets with the MMI Portfolio Dashboard
Track NFTs

The dashboard allows users to view detailed metrics for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) held across different custodians, wallets, accounts, and marketplaces. It provides organizations with improved capability around their NFT holdings, with metrics including average sale price, aggregate floor price data from different marketplaces, price estimates, collection price history, historical price charts, rarity rank, and traits. 

Track NFT holdings with MMI Portfolio Dashboard
Bundle Accounts

The dashboard enables organizations to group accounts into portfolio bundles across their team or organization. The MMI dashboard and browser extension allows users to have up to 100 accounts. By bundling these accounts, they can better manage and monitor account and portfolio activity

Manage Assets with a Web3 Focus

The dashboard allows organizations to monitor their web3 assets across all EVM chains. They can see a breakdown of their organization’s portfolio, including digital asset holdings, sector allocation, protocol allocation, performance, and historical transactions. They can also add smart contract addresses and valuations that they wish to monitor. 

Transaction Reporting

Comprehensive transaction reporting is crucial for organizations that are required to share transaction history and details with stakeholders such as fund admins, LPs, and other third parties. 

Classify Transactions

Users can now see transactions classified as a transfer, bridge, fee, yield, or the supply or removal of liquidity. This in-depth reporting and labeling will save hours in transaction history reconciliation with fund admins. 

Use the MMI Portfolio Dashboard for transaction reporting
Take Snapshots

Users can also generate a read-only view of their organization’s holdings and transactions over a given timeframe. This snapshot can be shared as a read-only link with third-parties to highlight valuation and transaction history.

Institutional Controls

Institutions engaging in DeFi and web3 need to exert careful control over how their team and organization engages in the ecosystem.

Team Management

With MMI’s new login feature, organizations can now appoint an administrator user, add team members, experience an automated onboarding flow, and streamline billing processes. 

Institutional Web3 Experience

Users can now see portfolio views across their entire organization, and transact as a team. 

What’s Next?

At MMI, our focus is to provide unrivaled web3 access for funds, web3 builders, and all organizations. Organizations trust us to manage their web3 access and engagement with institution-required security, operational efficiency, and compliance.

As we map ways to make the institutional web3 experience more seamless, we will continue to add improved functionalities to our portfolio dashboard.

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