The first half of 2022 hasn’t been easy. Macroeconomic and geopolitical events, along with what’s been happening within the DeFi ecosystem have led to a lot of uncertainties. Nevertheless, MetaMask Institutional (MMI) continues to deliver new and important features. In the first six months of the year, we have launched:

  1. Multi-chain capabilities for custodian accounts 

  2. The first iteration of the MMI Portfolio Dashboard 

  3. Partnerships with four new custodians 

  4. NFT tracking capabilities

What’s next? MetaMask Institutional now has new reporting features available within its Portfolio Dashboard and browser extension. 

Typically, organizations spend well over 10 hours a month to capture data across various portfolios and protocols. Funds set reminders to take screenshots of balances across different protocols, then use these to provide valuations to their administrators. To help organizations save time, decrease the likelihood of error, and make monitoring and reporting of holdings easier, MMI is introducing Snapshots and Transaction Notes.

MMI Snapshots

Snapshots allows organizations to generate a read-only view of their trades over a given timeframe on the MMI Portfolio Dashboard. This read-only view highlights the organization’s  positions at a point in time, along with the transactions for that time period. This new feature takes daily snapshots of an organization’s holdings, which are consolidated into reports viewable by time period, and allow them to:

  • View by time period; weekly, monthly, and quarterly

  • View all portfolio items including, all assets, assets allocated to lending, borrowing, yield farming, staking, NFTs, rewards, and transaction history

Each of these Snapshots generates a unique link, which can then be exported and shared with the fund admins, LPs, or any third-party provider. Organizations can collaborate, get detailed reports, track internally, and share them easily with different teams.

Snapshots works by taking daily snapshots. Therefore, to view these reports by time period, say weekly, monthly or quarterly, it will take time to populate with the first weekly snapshot available in users’ portfolio dashboards on July 8. MMI’s Snapshots feature is currently only available on the Portfolio Dashboard dapp.

MMI Transaction Notes

Transaction Notes allows initiators to include ‘reference notes’ or comments they would like to include for each trade. These notes are stored as transaction details, which will be sent to the custodian so other transaction approvers can see the text when they receive the notification. Think of it as a way of letting other users know what this transaction is about – making for easy viewing, and letting users keep track of all the ins and outs. This eliminates the additional time users need to spend to provide context and details of their trades to their fund admins.

Organizations can now find a new “Note" tab on the confirmation dialog within the MMI Extension. This allows the user to add transaction details in the text box. When the transaction is submitted, the custodian receives all details including this note for approval or rejection.

The Transaction Notes feature is currently only available within the “transaction details” in the MMI extension, and in the browser extension, but will soon be available on the Portfolio Dashboard.

MMI Snapshots and Transaction Notes are live, and users will gain access as custodians roll out support for these features.

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