As the crypto industry continues to grow, it’s natural for advancements to occur in the hardware wallet space. MetaMask is your secure wallet designed for interacting with the world of Web3, but as you position yourself more in DeFi, NFTs, and other areas, it’s wise to consider a hardware wallet for greater asset security. 

Hardware wallets bring greater security as your private keys are stored offline on the device, instead of being exposed to your online computer, which is more prone to phishing attacks and scams. Lattice1 is a quality hardware solution you may not be familiar with, but it is already integrated with MetaMask for seamless daily transactions.


GridPlus, the team behind this hardware solution, first designed the Lattice1 hardware for Ethereum users, contrary to other options that were first developed with Bitcoin users in mind. MetaMask is excited to support the Lattice1 as an extremely powerful new security option for our users.

With Lattice1, you use MetaMask precisely as you do now, but with the peace of mind knowing you're using hardware security instead. You sign transactions normally in MetaMask; requests will pop up on the Lattice1's touch screen as well for verification. The Lattice1 communicates with your MetaMask wallet through an encrypted connection of Wi-Fi, allowing the Lattice1 to bypass the frustrating problems where browser companies have broken USB APIs.

Lattice1 aims to solve 3 big crypto security problems: 

  1. Leaking your private keys

  2. Signing messages unintentionally 

  3. A great user experience in integrating with MetaMask

Leaking Your Private Keys: SafeCards To The Rescue

Gridplus Safe Cards

GridPlus SafeCards allow users to securely back up their seeds onto PIN-protected cards which can also function as additional wallets. Every SafeCard is essentially a physical carrier of an HD wallet seed that looks like a traditional credit/debit card. 

SafeCards ward off “sock drawer” attacks to ensure your seed phrase is protected from even the prying eyes that might ruffle through your drawers looking for the paper your seed is written down on. 

With PIN-protected cards to store and backup your wallets, even if someone finds your backup, they won’t be able to use it without your pin. 

To learn more about how SafeCards work, you can read this article from GridPlus’ CTO. 

Since you can have one Lattice1 with multiple SafeCards, you’ll be able to securely manage many crypto accounts from this device.

Signing Messages Unintentionally: Knowing What You Approve

Phishers exploit blind signing transactions on your hardware wallet—the times you’re not sure what message you’re approving. Lattice1’s bigger touch screen interface and human-readable markup format will ensure you know what you’re signing and prevent scam activity.

This more expressive interface supports NFTs and is designed for enhanced smart contract interaction. 

Your easy and secure Lattice1 interface makes it simple to look up balances, send transactions, and easily switch between your Lattice1 and SafeCard wallets.

Security Above All Else

With Lattice1, you don’t have to compromise on security for a better user experience. The desktop fixture makes it great for daily transactions and the hardware security itself has anti-tamper features to prevent physical attacks. 

Its two compute environments never interact with each other, so even though the Lattice1 is designed to be online constantly, your private keys are inaccessible from the Internet. In fact, GridPlus is so confident of how secure their SafeCards are, they’ve literally put their money where their mouth is: if you manage to get past the security challenge to 10 ETH, those funds are yours to keep.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about moving to Lattice1 and using the MetaMask integration is that MetaMask can continue to be the way you interact with Ethereum, side chains, and L2s every day, but with the added bonus of full hardware security without friction. Everything you’re used to doing with MetaMask can be done with secure signing on Lattice1’s screen. 

For a deeper look at how this hardware wallet works with MetaMask, check out the GridPlus documentation.

You have the option for a wallet that’s designed to protect your funds at all cost, without compromising on a great user experience. Whether you want to swap tokens on Uniswap, send transactions, or just HODL in peace, Lattice1 can be your solution for a safe and secure journey.