MetaMask Mobile users can now enjoy signing transactions with QR codes using the Keystone hardware wallet. This is the first mobile hardware wallet integration with MetaMask and comes after MetaMask Extension officially integrated with Keystone in December 2021. 

This exciting integration will allow MetaMask Mobile users to carry on their Web3 journey in a more secure, safe, and convenient way. You can enjoy signing transactions not only on Ethereum, but also on all EVM-compatible chains like Polygon, Fantom, and more using the Keystone integration. To get started follow this tutorial to connect your Keystone and MetaMask.

As a reminder, hardware wallets provide an extra layer of security for software wallets as your private keys are stored offline on the physical device, and never exposed to the Internet. 

Using a hardware wallet adds an additional layer of security that, in a way, is a second factor of authentication that we enable with MetaMask.

Keystone’s QR Code Transparency

The Keystone design prioritizes security. 

100% air-gapped QR code signage eliminates potential malware infiltration risks and delivers a level of transparency for data transmission. 


  • The lack of a physical connection due to the inherent nature of QR codes allows you to seamlessly sign transactions without ever needing to expose your Keystone hardware wallet to the internet. This allows your hardware wallet to be permanently isolated from any potentially compromised devices, keeping your secret recovery phrase safe. 

  • Generating and scanning QR codes are simple and smooth—you can sign transactions quickly on your Keystone. 

  • You can always check what data is being transferred through QR codes using Keystone’s QR Code verifier. All firmware updates are open-source as well for transparency.

To learn how to use Keystone with MetaMask Mobile for dapps, read this tutorial.

A New Standard For Developers

Together with the Keystone team, MetaMask has co-authored EIP-4527 so hardware and software wallets have a standardized method to incorporate QR code data transmission. 

Developers who are already running a dapp can help protect their users from blind signing by sharing the ABI of their dapp with Keystone’s Smart-Contract Metadata Registry. Every transaction involving the authentic smart contract will be properly identified on the 4” touch screen so users can verify whether they are interacting with the authentic smart contract or potentially being phished. 

At MetaMask, we work hard to educate our community on the various scams and phishing attempts that take place, but it’s near impossible to keep up with them all. At the end of the day, in Web3, the most responsible person has to be YOU. 

Using a hardware wallet in tandem with MetaMask is the best practice we encourage everyone. It keeps your assets more secure and you are less prone to your wallet getting compromised. Learn more about keeping your assets safe here.

Keystone is an opportunity to add that extra layer of security and we’re excited for the MetaMask Mobile integration to help the community stay safe and transact conveniently. 

Remember to only ever purchase hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer. Keystone’s official purchase site is here.

Happy signing! 📱