Fort Worth, Texas, USA – Today, Consensys launches MetaMask Pooled Staking, an easy way to stake ETH from the world's most popular Web3 platform and earn ETH rewards for contributing to the security of Ethereum. Prior to the launch of Pooled Staking, only users with at least 32 ETH, the minimum required by the Ethereum protocol, could stake in validators operated by Consensys. The new service allows MetaMask users to earn staking rewards on as little or as much ETH as they like via MetaMask Portfolio. 

Based on blockchain data, 99% of ETH holders have less than 32 ETH. MetaMask’s new solution enables staking any amount of ETH to earn rewards for contributing to the network's security.

MetaMask Pooled Staking is available to a portion of eligible users right away and will continue to roll-out in the coming days. The initial launch will not be available within the US or UK, but the team aims to bring it to market in these regions as well.

“With Pooled Staking, MetaMask users now have an easy way to stake ETH in enterprise-grade validators while maintaining full control of their ETH, earning rewards and making Ethereum more secure,” says Matthieu Saint Olive, Senior Product Manager at Consensys.  “We’re excited to bring our staking solution to many more MetaMask users.”

Currently 74% of ETH is not staked, while much of the ETH that is staked is in just a few large pools. By providing an accessible and efficient new staking solution, MetaMask Pooled Staking aims to make staking accessible to more users and contribute to Ethereum decentralization and security.

Key Features of MetaMask Pooled Staking:

  • Earn rewards for staking ETH

  • No Minimum - Stake any amount of ETH.

  • Flexible Unstaking: ETH can be unstaked at any time (Unstaking times may vary as per Ethereum validator exit queue protocol).

  • Easy Tracking: Balances and rewards can be easily monitored within MetaMask Portfolio.

MetaMask Pooled Staking is underpinned by Consensys Staking, which boasts over 33,000 hosted Ethereum validators in a multi-cloud, multi-region and multi client infrastructure, more than 1 million ETH staked, zero slashed validators, and a 99.9+% validator participation rate. Further, Consensys is one of few industry-leading players that has received third-party validated security certifications, ensuring the highest standards of security of our people, technology and processes.

MetaMask Pooled Staking uses the open modular architecture of StakeWise, a liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, to power its smart contracts. 

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