You asked to just view your assets in one place, and well folks, we built you a full-fledged dapp instead. We’re excited to finally bring you MetaMask Portfolio (in beta) for an even better MetaMask experience. 

We get the nuisance of connecting to multiple tools and platforms, maybe even pulling out your calculator just to view balances across your DeFi activity, NFTs, and overall state of crypto.

But let’s put that to rest. Because now you don’t need to scrounge around to see what’s in your wallet, MetaMask Portfolio aggregates it in one place for you. 

Available to Extension and Mobile users, packages your accounts and assets in an easy-to-use interface across multiple chains. Simply click the “Portfolio” link in your Extension’s home screen to get started.

Organizations have their own version available through MetaMask Institutional.

Accessing MetaMask Portfolio from your MetaMask Extension

Multiple Accounts

You, like a lot of people, may have more than one crypto wallet/account. But until now, you haven’t been able to know the total value of your accounts combined in your MetaMask wallet. You had to rely on other platforms for that. 

With MetaMask Portfolio, in addition to connecting your MetaMask wallet and various accounts, you can also add another account like an offline wallet or hardware wallet using the “watch any wallet” feature and name them to your liking. You can even add a friend’s ENS domain or public address to your list. 

Example: You can add “vitalik.eth” and name it “Cosmic Treasure Chest” in the dapp. You can remove, rename, and add as many accounts as you would like from the view. 

In addition to accounts, keep an eye on various crypto tokens by adding them to your watchlist for important market data:

Ethereum Market Data Portfolio Dapp

While connecting to the dapp only works for MetaMask users (downloading MetaMask is easy, free, and open to all), non-MetaMask users can still utilize Portfolio View by using the “watch any account” feature. 

Download MetaMask

Multiple Networks

If the future is multi-chain, MetaMask Portfolio supports that vision by offering a variety of networks to choose from:

  1. Ethereum 

  2. Optimism 

  3. BNB Smart Chain 

  4. Polygon

  5. Fantom

  6. Abritrum 

  7. Avalanche 

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll see all your assets across these chains in one place, with more networks coming soon.

A Richer NFT Experience

Enjoying your NFTs involves being able to look at them easily. By toggling to the “NFT” side within the dapp, you can get a holistic view of your digital art collection and other utility NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon.

View all your NFTs with MetaMask Portfolio

Granted, you may notice some NFTs you never recall purchasing or claiming, which are likely spam but you can easily declutter your portfolio. Just click the three dots on any token to “hide” them from your view. 🧹

NFT values and pricing estimates are not currently available but are in the works, so stay tuned. 👀

Portfolio View, The One-stop Shop

Following in SetApprovalForAll's footsteps, MetaMask Portfolio originated from popular community request that we’re proud to finally share with you all. Thank you for helping us push these initiatives forward. If you have any feature ideas, feel free to share them with us here

For those who want to dive into their portfolio in a friendly format, this dapp is easy to navigate through. Simply click Portfolio in your Extension home screen to:

  1. Connect multiple accounts: You can connect all your MetaMask accounts to the dapp.

  2. Aggregate your assets: With multiple accounts connected, you will easily track your total portfolio with token balances

  3. Look at your NFTs: Admire your collection on Mainnet and Polygon across all your connected accounts. 

  4. View your multi-chain assets: The dapp will enable you to see your assets across 7 different networks.

  5. Search and watch tokens: View any of your favorite tokens across supported chains and add them to your watchlist to track. 

Portfolio View and NFT View are far from being the last features we release in MetaMask Portfolio, and we aim to enrich your experience with each feature introduction.

Welcoming new users like fellow family members and friends to Web3 becomes simpler with good and secure user experiences, the ability to see what’s in your wallet, and the convenience of having it all in one place. Go ahead and try sharing the dapp with those in your circle! You can even add each other to your watchlist. Happy viewing! 🤑