To enhance the overall Web3 experience for MetaMask users who also use Coinbase, we’re excited to make Coinbase Pay available in the MetaMask wallet.

The Coinbase Pay integration will be rolled out to MetaMask users in the coming weeks, starting with Extension first. You’ll soon be able to purchase or transfer crypto within your MetaMask wallet in a few clicks from your Coinbase account

Before the MetaMask x Coinbase Pay integration, your crypto buying experience probably looked a lot like pasting your MetaMask wallet address/ENS in the Coinbase send box and double, triple checking to make sure you have the right address so your tokens don’t go into, well…the ether…No? Just us? Ok. 

That works. But, there’s a better way.

Now, the crypto buying experience is more seamless with Coinbase Pay: You can buy ETH and other tokens on the Ethereum and Avalanche network directly within your MetaMask wallet. 🦊

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What Is Coinbase Pay?

Coinbase Pay is a new crypto purchasing service from Coinbase, the company with a portfolio including Coinbase Exchange, Coinbase NFT, and Coinbase Wallet. 

Coinbase currently supports 98M customers globally. Check to see if your country is supported here to take advantage of this easy crypto buying experience in MetaMask. If you don’t currently use Coinbase and are eligible to, you can create an account here.

How Do I Get Started With Buying Crypto In MetaMask?

To fund your MetaMask wallet:

  1. Click the blue BUY button on the home screen to get started 

  2. Select Coinbase Pay

  3. Sign in to your Coinbase account (for first-time users) 

  4. Select the cryptocurrency you want to fund your MetaMask wallet with

  5. Choose funding source between existing crypto balance in Coinbase, or saved payment methods to purchase the desired token

  6. Review your purchase and click “Confirm” 

  7. Success!!! 🦊 Onto DeFi, NFTs, and more 🦊 

It’s that simple. Enjoy buying crypto in your MetaMask wallet using Coinbase Pay. 💸

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