Until now, StarkNet hasn’t been directly compatible with MetaMask due to its use of a different address and account format than Ethereum. In other words: non-EVM compatible. This Layer 2 snap is the first of its kind to enable ZK-rollup support, giving users wider access to permissionless decentralized networks for fast, low-cost applications. 

We have also developed a StarkNet dapp to install the snap in addition to viewing, managing, and adding StarkNet-based tokens. The keys and transaction approvals will be managed within MetaMask Flask. The StarkNet snap derives StarkNet keys from your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase without having access to your MetaMask data and allows you to manage assets on StarkNet. 

MetaMask Snaps allows developers to build on top of MetaMask and customize it to their dapp’s desire. The new StarkNet snap allows developers to deploy StarkNet accounts, make transactions on StarkNet, and interact with StarkNet smart contracts. It can be connected with any dapp to access StarkNet and developers can experiment integrating their dapp with this snap today. 

Snaps are currently only available in the development build—MetaMask Flask—which developers will need to install in their browser to interact with the integration. Remember to run it in a separate browser profile from any other instance of MetaMask.

Flask is named for the fact that it is an experimental laboratory, that can be unstable or unsafe, and should be treated as such. Hence this announcement only applies to developers. End users, stay tuned for when these innovations enable direct access in the stable MetaMask extension later this year. 

StarkNet is still in alpha, and you may experience network issues during this period, along with transaction limits. Please use at your own risk.

How to Install the StarkNet Snap

  1. To get started make sure you have MetaMask Flask first and then install the StarkNet snap here.

  2. Connect with MetaMask Flask

  3. Accept the connection in MetaMask 

  4. Approve and install the StarkNet snap

starknet snap demo

Congratulations! A StarkNet account has been deployed and you can now use the StarkNet snap.


What is a snap? 

  • A snap is a program that expands the capabilities of MetaMask. For example, a snap can add support for a non-EVM blockchain and make a custom API available to dapps.

Why do I need to use a snap for StarkNet? 

  • StarkNet is not directly compatible with MetaMask. The StarkNet snap allows you to manage assets that are on StarkNet by creating a StarkNet account based on your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP). 

Why do I have to use MetaMask Flask? 

  • Snaps are only available on the developer preview version of MetaMask, called MetaMask Flask. Snaps will be released within the generally available version of MetaMask later this year

Can I see my StarkNet assets directly in MetaMask Flask? 

  • No, the StarkNet Snap does not modify any UI within MetaMask Flask. To interact with the snap and perform actions you need to go through a dapp. We have built a dedicated dapp that you can access here

How do I add StarkNet-based ERC20 tokens? You can manage ERC-20 tokens on StarkNet by clicking “Add Token” in the StarkNet Dapp and completing the form. Information about currently deployed tokens can be found here.

I have MetaMask installed, why can’t I install the Starknet snap? 

  • For now, snaps can only be installed in MetaMask Flask. You can’t run MetaMask and MetaMask Flask at the same time. Please use a different browser profile or a different browser to install Flask.

Is the StarkNet snap available on MetaMask Mobile? 

  • Snaps are currently only available on MetaMask Flask. MetaMask Flask is a browser-based developer preview of MetaMask. This means the StarkNet snap, or any other snap, is currently not available on MetaMask Mobile. 

What happens if I delete the snap in MetaMask? 

  • Reinstalling the snap will automatically recover your account. Custom tokens previously added will need to be added again. Deleting the snap does not delete your StarkNet account or transaction history.

How do I recover my account? 

  • The StarkNet snap recovery is directly leveraging MetaMask’s Secret Recovery Phrase. After recovering a MetaMask account, install the StarkNet snap and your existing account will be automatically recovered. 

How do I export my StarkNet Private Key? 

  • You can export your private key by clicking on “Account details” and “Export Private Key” in the StarkNet dapp. A MetaMask popup will appear with your private key information.