Brussels, July 9th, 2024 – Today at EthCC, Consensys introduces a new chapter in web3 and blockchain adoption with the launch of the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit. The pioneering package of developer tools and smart contracts enables dapps and protocols to build wholly new experiences, while providing robust, granular levels of safety tailored to users’ needs. This allows developers to finally break down the barriers that keep the next billion users from onboarding to a more dynamic and equitable internet. The MetaMask Delegation Toolkit is available on any EVM chain that is supported by a User Operation Bundler, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Linea, Optimism and Polygon.

Global survey data shows many people find the crypto ecosystem “too complex” or “don’t know where to start.” MetaMask Delegation Toolkit is built upon years of research to empower dapps to completely re-imagine the web3 user experience, which many have always found difficult to navigate. Delegation moves the often confusing and repetitive user actions required to interact with web3 into the background for dapps, allowing a user’s intentions to define their experience. The result could be streamlined gaming, social networking and more with fewer pop-ups and clicks, gas costs assigned where they make sense, and less gas paid.

Beyond being just another smart wallet SDK, the new Delegation Toolkit enables developers to improve these areas of user experience:

  • Instant user onboarding: eliminate the need for users to interact with a traditional "wallet" – no need to download a browser extension, mobile app or write down seed phrases to get started in web3.

  • Eliminate user friction completely: no pop-ups, no more constant confirmations or switching between dapp and wallet; automate and control precisely how many clicks users make in a dapp.

  • Control of who, when and how to pay for gas: allow for gasless transactions, or postponed or reassigned gas costs.

  • Richer web3 user experiences: build new use cases largely constrained in web3 today. Imagine massive peer-to-peer social coordination, including incentive trees or branching streams of recurring subscription payments. 

  • Simplify smart contract development: set permissions and capabilities by leveraging the general purpose and deeply extensible framework instead of dealing with hard-coded permissions and high development costs via bespoke intermediary contracts.

“The MetaMask Delegation Toolkit will allow seamless onboarding of users into a new generation of dynamic and nimble experiences, which benefit from the kinds of rich collaboration that can only come from a new paradigm of authorization and composability,” said Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask. 

MetaMask’s Delegation Toolkit continues Consensys’ core philosophy of improving web3 by leaning on decentralized solutions as much as possible. Rather than pushing new products out of a centralized silo, MetaMask seeks to empower builders from across the globe to iterate and improve the entire ecosystem through open source, modular and backward-compatible solutions.

Starting at EthCC, MetaMask will begin onboarding developers to build with the toolkit and explore the power of delegations to create innovative, rich, and user-friendly experiences with the help of other developer tools available through MetaMask Developer.

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