Last December, Consensys Codefi and MetaMask announced an institutional offering. This offering involved an expansion of MetaMask services to include enterprise-grade security and operational features—built into the world’s most trusted Ethereum wallet. These institutional features will enable cryptocurrency funds, family offices, and financial institutions to gain access and exposure to the diverse decentralized finance opportunities that compose Web3.

Today we celebrate the launch of MetaMask Institutional (MMI), a product that gives institutional investors access to the over US$43 billion collateral in the DeFi ecosystem. MMI will enable funds to swap tokens, borrow, lend, invest, and interact with DeFi protocols and applications using the familiar MetaMask interface.

With MetaMask Institutional, institutional investors see the following benefits:

  • Unrivaled Dapp access: All Dapps in the Defi ecosystem build to integrate with MetaMask. This ensures native integration with DeFi protocols and enables institutional investors to keep pace with DeFi innovation.

  • Safe, secure, and efficient investment processes: Trade-flow processes currently require multiple transactions, sign-offs, and gas costs. No more. We integrated with custodian, Curv, to solve operational, risk, and trade flow needs.

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance: Simplify capital deployment into DeFi applications with multi-signature support, built-in compliance mechanisms, and direct integration with the leading custody providers.

Since our integration with custodian, Curv, in December 2020, the team has been focused on integrating features to solve institutional investor needs across their entire transaction-flow process—based on feedback and learnings from its Early Adopter Program. This program enables the MMI team to collaborate with partners, custodians, and professional trading firms to shape product features and roadmap. Participants are granted early access to integration, beta platform testing, and are able to offer DeFi investment opportunities to their own clients in advance.

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