MetaMask’s newest feature makes it easy to find the most cost-efficient quote to buy crypto on various networks, including Arbitrum and Optimism! That’s right, you can load up your bags on Layer 2 directly without bridging your funds over from Mainnet. 

Although buying cryptocurrency within MetaMask was already available with the blue BUY button in your wallet’s home screen, we have improved this feature to aggregate the most favorable quotes from third-party providers based on your desired purchase. 

This aggregator takes a number of variables into account to present you with the best quote at the top: 

  • Region

  • Payment Method

  • Token

  • Amount 

The transaction is then executed by the third-party providers we have vetted and quickly appears in your MetaMask wallet.


The buy crypto aggregator will help onboard Web3 users in the space regardless of where you are geographically based. Web3 is global, and now, buying crypto will be as well. Currently, users in 175 countries will be able to buy crypto through at least one provider we have vetted. 

To use the aggregator, select the region your payment method is registered in and choose the fiat option you would like to purchase crypto with like Apple Pay, debit/credit card, or bank account.

Payment Method

Payment methods are specific to the region you select and the mobile device you use. 

The aggregator will default to your region’s primary fiat currency—like USD for US users—and only shows Apple Pay or Google Pay depending on whether you’re an iPhone or Android user. 

To illustrate, USA users paying with USD will see the ACH bank transfer option while France users paying with EUR will see the SEPA bank transfer option. You will receive the lowest fees when using the bank transfer option even though transfer times may be longer, but you can still use the credit card option if you run out of gas and need crypto fast. 

We’re working on adding instant bank transfer support, starting with SEPA Instant in Europe and then rolling out support for US customers.

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You can buy 90+ tokens across these networks: 

  1. Ethereum 

  2. Polygon

  3. Optimism

  4. Arbitrum

  5. Binance Smart Chain

  6. Avalanche Contract Chain

  7. Fantom

  8. Celo

As a reminder, tokens are network specific, so make sure you’re on your desired network to view the full list of available tokens.

For example, on the Ethereum network, ETH will be the default token but you can select the token field to view a dropdown list of tokens to choose from, which comprise over 60 different ERC20 tokens.

You can learn how to add other custom networks here.


Based on the region you select and its various KYC laws, you could be subject to order limits. Enter the amount of the token you want (denominated in fiat currency) and you will get a summary of the current token price and amount to be received after fees. 

The aggregator takes all these variables into account to customize the best quote for you. 

You can choose to proceed with the option presented to you in the app or view more quotes if you prefer to use another provider. Remember, the provider you choose is the one ultimately executing your purchase, not MetaMask. 

Please note that if this is your first time using any provider, you may be prompted to sign up directly with them. This process should be quick and only needs to be done once. Some providers may even have a lighter process for orders under $1,000 that only require card billing details and no account registration.

This comprehensive offering is designed to enhance your purchasing experience and doesn’t favor any specific provider.

Please note that this is only available on MetaMask Mobile currently. Stay tuned for the Extension release. 👀 

Buy crypto without the friction

Our aim with the buy crypto aggregator is to include as many people in Web3 as possible. No matter where you are, what network you prefer, or what tokens you’re interested in—MetaMask provides a solution to fund your wallet, taking out unnecessary steps, delays, and complex transfer interfaces. 

Instead of using a CEX (centralized exchange), you can hit the blue “BUY” button within your MetaMask, and fund your wallet within a couple of clicks. 

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If you have any questions, check this in-depth guide out. And do let us know what you think!  

We hope you enjoy your new crypto buying experience with MetaMask.